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27 - Stop Waiting! Another Day Is Not Guaranteed with Vanessa Lambert

February 13, 2023 Leigh Brandon Episode 27
Radical Health Rebel
27 - Stop Waiting! Another Day Is Not Guaranteed with Vanessa Lambert
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Are you someone who tends to put things off and procrastinate? Do you assume that tomorrow is another day and you can put things off until tomorrow? 


How do you know you will definitely see tomorrow? Well, Vanessa Lambert, founder of 'BeeFest' explains in detail why you can't guarantee that you will see another day and therefore, why you must make the most of the life you have every day and how to ensure you do just that.

In this episode, we discussed:


Vanessa's background


Vanessa's Pivotal Moment


Kundalini Yoga & The Akashic Records




Starseed Collective


Have Joy Now!

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[00:00] Vanessa Lambert: I'm scared. I'm scared to put myself out there. I'm scared to be fully seen. I'm scared to be fully responsible for the magnificence of my life. And I think that that was such a powerful lesson, because when you are on your deathbed and you realize, oh, no, I screwed up. I didn't do the things I was supposed to do, the idea that you were scared to do those things seems absolutely least silly.

[00:26] Announcer: Welcome to the Radical Health Rebel podcast with your host, Leigh Brandon. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a five star rating and a warm review. Your opinions are important, and your ratings help grow the podcast and help educate people to lead a healthier, more productive, fulfilling, and happy life. This video is your thing. Please check out the Radical Health Rebel YouTube channel, where you'll find fun bite sized clips from each episode. And now, here is Leigh, the radical health rebel, with this week's podcast.

[01:06] Leigh Brandon: Vanessa Lambert. Welcome to the Radical health Rebel podcast. Thanks for coming on the show.

[01:10] Vanessa Lambert: I'm so excited to be here. Thank you.

[01:12] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, I'm really excited about this episode. And this episode is entitled stop waiting another day is not guaranteed with Vanessa Lambert. If you are someone who tends to put things off and procrastinate or you assume that tomorrow is just another day and you can put things off until then, well, how do you know that? You'll definitely see tomorrow. Vanessa Lambert is here to share with you why you can't guarantee that you will see another day and therefore why you must make the most of the life that you have every day and how to ensure that you do just that. So, Vanessa, to kick things off, would you share with the audience a little bit about you, your upbringing, your educational background, and your career to date?

[01:54] Vanessa Lambert: Absolutely. So I was born and raised in Northern California, and for those of you who aren't familiar with Northern California in the past, California has changed a bit in the last few years. But as I was growing up, it was definitely more of a counterculture kind of boho, just a very different cornucopia of energy than a lot of the rest of the state. So I feel really honored and privileged to have grown up there in that time. And I think what I love about Northern California, especially as I was growing up, is it's kind of rebellious spirit. It's always had sort of that counterculture or people going and living off the grid and just sort of doing you've got Hay Ashbury, you've got San Francisco. You've just got all of this energy that was just very unique and creative. And so I think that had a huge imprint on me as a person and definitely created a really unique, I would say bedrock for me to kind of sprout from. So that's where I grew up. I actually went to college in Northern California as well, at a university called Chico State, which folks out there might know. It's been kind of known to be a party school, but I actually at that time was already engaged to be married, so I didn't really take advantage too much of the party scene. And I got my degree in media design with a focus in media arts. So really film and TV and all the stuff that we're up to. Leigh, isn't your degree in the same thing?

[03:28] Leigh Brandon: Mine was in management, actually.

[03:30] Vanessa Lambert: Oh, management, okay. I thought it was for some reason. I had it as communications and graduated magna *** laude, graduated with honors, did the whole traditional education track for a bit. But I think the really interesting education came for me later on when I enrolled in this year long internship in the Berkeley Psychic Institute Method. And so this is kind of another little point on the timeline of my life education wise, because back to Northern California being this sort of counterculture place, they have this establishment called the Berkeley Psychic Institute method, or the Berkeley Psychic Institute. And they have a specific method that you train in to kind of elicit a deeper connection with your psychic powers. So it's a very unique methodology, but it was really interesting because what it did is really just tap me more into my intuitive force. My psychic energy kind of just helps you realize how many senses are turned down, and so it kind of helps you turn up these extra sensory pieces of yourself that maybe you haven't explored. So that was a really unique piece of my education. And from there I've done all kinds of different trainings. I was a strength and conditioning coach and worked competed in CrossFit and worked in gyms and have a whole kind of health and wellness background as well. My husband and I founded Be The Wellness, our first company that was really predicated on helping people and more of those fundamental fitness and wellness modalities. And then of course, as I've grown up and branched out, I started Star C Collective, which is the more Esoteric teachings and kind of more Kundalini Yoga and Akashic records. They're sort of like these two pieces of my background career wise. One that's more kind of rooted in the fundamentals of health and wellness and this other side that's a little bit more in the spiritual realm, you could say. So that's a nutshell, a quick nutshell of where kind of my growing up and where I'm at today.

[05:36] Leigh Brandon: Nice. So I guess with your psychic background, you actually know what questions I'm going to ask already.

[05:41] Vanessa Lambert: Exactly. You're going to ask me why we shouldn't wait another day. And it's really interesting because the psychic background is different than the Akashic kind of lean that I've taken that training and the psychic is when you learn about psychic skills and really understanding that a lot of that is focused on just pure psychic energy. The cool thing about the Akashic records is it's more about tuning into your extra sensory ability and then using that psychic energy to support it. So it's a little bit different than me, like, creeping into your brain and being like, what's in there, Leigh?

[06:24] Leigh Brandon: I could see it, yeah. I'm really looking forward to getting into that in a bit more detail. What led you down the kind of health and fitness path? Was there something that particularly got you started with that?

[06:39] Vanessa Lambert: I think I just kind of came up in it naturally. My mom actually worked in a gym when I was growing up, so we spent a lot of time after school at the gym. We would just be there while she would be finishing up her work hours. So I think I got this imprint of just health and fitness. Obviously, that was like late 80s, early 90s, so it was a different fitness vibe. And in fact, I remember the guys would be playing racquetball and they would have their picture of beer, like, outside the racquetball court. So it's kind of a different ethos for fitness back then. But I think it was just naturally imprinted in me. And my mom and my dad actually always had a deep interest and also really instilled a lot of practices that were focused around nutrition. We weren't really allowed to eat, like, sugar and those kinds of things. Growing up, they were pretty strict around how they nourished us. So I think it was really imprinted from a very young age, and I just kind of came into it naturally. I was a gymnast when I was really young, and the joke is that I got my first coaching job when I was nine years old because I was a pretty gifted gymnast at a young age. And so the coaches asked if I would start teaching the younger kids that were like four, five and six. So that was kind of my first foray into coaching. And it just feels like I've just consistently been in the rooms where I've taken on that identity and that role, and it's kind of like it shows me.

[08:14] Leigh Brandon: And what about the more Esoteric type education? How did you get into that?

[08:20] Vanessa Lambert: I think it was really interesting because it was sort of part and parcel. Like, I had the wellness background and the fitness and that going on. Meanwhile, again, back to being from Northern California. There's a lot of hippies there, so you're just interacting with a lot of kind of different Esoteric modalities and, you know, lifestyles and so I got certified to do Reiki when I was like 1516 years old. My friend's parents had labyrinths on their property. Obviously, we were in the Emerald Triangle. So there's a lot of marijuana, there's a lot of psychedelics. It's just there. It's just part of the fabric of life. So I think that I kind of had that, again, sort of naturally in my formative years. And then as I started to develop into my own unique way that I worked with it, that's when I really went into the Berkeley Psychic Institute method and started kind of figuring out what it all meant to me. But all of these things were sort of happening at the same time. And I think what happens really quite naturally, is that when you're in the health and wellness world, you eventually hit that space with people where you're like, okay, I've given you the exercise, I've given you the perfect diet. I've given you all of the information you could possibly need to make the best choices for you to be healthy. Yet somehow, you're still not able to cross through that threshold to embody those teachings. And so for me, that was just where the mindset, the spirituality, just had to come in and start to interplay with the rest of the teachings. And so I think it's just kind of a natural progression for us in this wellness world to eventually just go, all right, there's a piece missing here. How do I bring that in to take people across the finish line?

[10:07] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, I've certainly followed it almost the exact same path myself, I would say.

[10:13] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah, I feel like you and I kind of had this in our little preliminary chat. We have a lot in common around this.

[10:19] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, for sure. So you had a deep experience when you were in your early 30s that really impacted your relationship to time and to not putting things off. Can you share with the audience that experience and how that influenced the way in which you live your life?

[10:38] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah, it's such a pivotal time, I think, on my timeline, and quite literally had a ruptured appendix and went in, got the surgery, thought I was all good. A year later, which is pretty much unheard of in the medical community. In fact, my doctors were flabbergasted by this timeline. Essentially, I had just a low level recurring infection that wasn't resolved from that ruptured appendix that essentially seeded like a bunch of abscess in my stomach. And I essentially just woke up one morning almost septic, and I just all of a sudden at the time, my husband and I had just moved to La. So he was still splitting time in Northern California, so he was out of town and we shared a house with our friends at the time. And I woke up my friend and I was like, take me to the hospital, I'm dying. And I just like, quite literally understood that I was dying. And I got to the hospital and it turned out I had a roaring infection and some pretty complicated abscesses to access and to deal with. So I was in the hospital for almost a month, and during that time I really got very clear on this time thing, especially I was in my early thirty s. I think you just think you have so much time left. And I just remember this being one of the deepest lessons that I came away through. That time was just like, you never know how much time you're going to be here on planet Earth. And all of the things that I'd put off, all of the things maybe I'd felt insecure to do or not well equipped enough to do, or just maybe even just a little bit lazy, I just all of a sudden realized, like, oh my God, I'm going to die. And I didn't do any of these things that I know in my heart I was meant to do while I was here on planet Earth. And I think that that was just such a powerful awakening. And almost once I got that download and I got that message so clearly, that's when my health started recovering and I started actually coming back out and there was a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. So for me, I feel like that was the lesson. For me, it was like, we're going to give this one to you powerfully, so you understand that time is not guaranteed. And as soon as I really understood that and understood the gravity of how much time I'd wasted not enacting on the things that I was meant to do here, that's when life started coming back in. And I honestly feel like I got a second chance.

[13:28] Leigh Brandon: It's amazing, isn't it, how wise the human body is? Because from what you're saying, what I'm getting from that is you were living your life in a way that probably wasn't going in the right direction. And the only way that you would have actually taken the time out to realize that was what happened to you, because you couldn't continue going on doing what you were doing day in, day out. You needed something to stop you from doing that, for you to have the space and the time to actually give it some thought and to say, well, hang on a minute, what am I doing here? Is this really what I want?

[14:14] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah. And I think there's a subtlety in this that I really want listeners to get, because on the surface, my life actually looked really wonderful and it looked like I actually was tracking in a beautiful direction. But what I knew internally is that I wasn't giving it 100%, that there were certain places and spaces that I was kind of putting off or I wasn't giving my full attention or full respect to. And so from the outside view, it didn't look particularly like I was wasting time. But I knew, and that's what I want people to understand is that, you know, inside of yourself, whether you're giving it your all or not. And that, I think, is the nuance that's really important because you'll actually get a lot of agreement from other people, like, wow, you're doing so great, or you're up to these big things, or maybe you even have an amazing career that everybody else around you is looking at going, Are you crazy? You're nailing it like you're crushing life, but you inside know you're not living up to that thing that you're meant to do, or you're not living up to the fullest potential of what you're supposed to do with your life. And I think that that was the big takeaway for me, is that I can't hide from me. I know the truth and I know what I should be up to. And if I'm not giving that 100%, I'm out of integrity with myself.

[15:39] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. And again, what I'm taking away from what you've just said there is just to highlight the amazing thing that life is and how short the opportunity is that we get to absolutely squeeze every little last piece out of it. It's very easy to waste this experience that we have. I was going to say this body, but it's more than just having a body, right? It would be so easy to waste this opportunity that we have to create something amazing with this experience that we have. And I guess we see it a lot in other people, right? We see it in a lot of people that they go through life and it gets to the end and they just wish they'd done so many things and they were either too frightened to or as you're alluding to, they just weren't really pushing themselves enough to make the most of this opportunity.

[16:41] Vanessa Lambert: And I think the part you said about being too frightened was exactly it. That was the crux of it for me, is that I just was like, I'm scared. I'm scared to put myself out there. I'm scared to be fully seen, I'm scared to be fully responsible for the magnificence of my life. And I think that that was such a powerful lesson, because when you are on your deathbed and you realize, oh, no, I screwed up. I didn't do the things I was supposed to do, the idea that you were scared to do those things seems absolutely silly. I was so embarrassed and disappointed in myself. And I was like, oh, my gosh. I let my worry about not being cool enough or looking good enough or doing it the right way or all those little stories we tell ourselves. I let that get in the way of fulfilling on my destiny. And now I'm going to die. And there was so much regret. I was so devastated and disappointed, and I just couldn't believe that I did that to myself. And I felt like that was literally looking back, a snapshot of how I would feel on my deathbed at 80 or 90 or however many given years I get on this planet. And so I feel like it was such a blessing to actually have that experience in a deep, meaningful way. It was like, this is where you're going to be in 2030, 40, 50 years, whenever you pass if you don't remedy this now.

[18:09] Leigh Brandon: So you had this incident or incidents. There's more than one. How did that influence the way in which you then tackled life?

[18:20] Vanessa Lambert: I think that I just went at it with much more vigor. It was just like, if there is something in my heart, if there's something in my soul, I'm just not going to let those little excuses or those stories get in the way. They don't get a say anymore. They don't get the voting rights that they once got. And I think that it was just once I got that clarity and I really identified those voices or those frequencies that would get in the way, then it made it much more easy to just kind of be like, yeah, Delete, you don't get a say anymore. And I think I just became a little bit more disciplined, honestly. Not even just in my daily schedule, but in my thoughts. And I think that that's the most important thing, is that I stopped entertaining those thoughts that were not helpful for me, and I started looking for ways that, okay, if I'm having these thoughts, what is the engine that is fueling these thoughts? And how can I cut the power to those engines? Like, how can I actually decrease the energy that's going to those types of thought forms and increase the energy to the types of thought forms that are more productive and supportive of who I want to become?

[19:35] Leigh Brandon: It's amazing, isn't it? We can go through these great challenges in life. Yours, I guess it was potentially life threatening, and you can be lying in hospital in a lot of pain, feeling really sorry for yourself. But looking back, you realize, wow, what a blessing that experience was.

[19:55] Vanessa Lambert: Oh my gosh, the biggest blessing. And I kind of joked, but in a way, I feel this is really true. I would joke that, oh, when I died, because it was such a deep death almost of the ego. I don't know that term or that idea. It's like the closest thing I could probably reference to give us a sense of it. But it was like there was such a death of these pieces of me that were holding back. And when I look back at that, it was almost like I really was born into a new space of myself. And I came out of that experience brand new in a way. And there's all kinds of interesting ideas around this. People talk about, you actually can be in the same body. We could just kind of go into like a little fun wormhole with this. But people actually talk about that you could be in the same body, but a different soul. Like a different part of your soul could drop in. And it almost is like, you are a new embodiment of your soul at that point. And when I heard that idea, I was like, I feel like that's what happened to me. It was almost like a brand new version of Vanessa dropped into the physical form, and I was just different from then on.

[21:09] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. As you were speaking, I was actually envisioning you wearing a load of masks, and as you're lying in the hospital, these masks are just dissolving.

[21:22] Vanessa Lambert: Totally.

[21:23] Leigh Brandon: So it's almost like a facade, right. You just got rid of the facade.

[21:28] Vanessa Lambert: Exactly. I just got real and just like, this is me, and I actually really love myself, and I'm really proud of myself, and I don't need to hide behind anything anymore. It's okay if people see me, even if they don't like me, whatever. That doesn't even matter anymore. And I think I was obsessed with being liked. It was like, if someone didn't like me, I couldn't get around that. And that was such a huge blockage. And so once I just realized, it's okay if someone doesn't like me, that's fine. You don't have to like everybody. That's totally somebody's prerogative. That was just such a liberating experience for me, because the point was, I liked me, and that's all that really matters. That's all you can ever really reference, is, do you like yourself? And if you like yourself, then that's all you've got.

[22:21] Leigh Brandon: Absolutely. Yeah. There's far too many people, sadly, who value what other people think of them. I want to see that like a disease. Right. Because you're trying to run around and please everyone else. Well, then you're doing it at a cost to yourself. But if you're running around doing things because you love yourself, you're going to attract people anyway, and you're going to attract the right people, rather than you're going to attract the wrong people, which is exactly what you're going to do if you're going to run around wearing all these masks and you're wearing a facade, right?

[22:59] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah. And I just think that ultimately, it's so much energy. And I hear people say this all the time, like, I'm so tired. I want to do this thing, but I'm exhausted. And what you're speaking to is exactly why you're so exhausted, is that you're wearing all these masks or you're under this facade, or you're buried under all these stories, and it's exhausting to carry all that around. So no wonder you don't have time to start your new business or write your blog or make that Instagram post or whatever it is, because you're so buried in the energy of everything you're carrying around.

[23:37] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. And you see that a lot in gay people when they come out, right? You just see that the load has been lifted. They're so frightened to come out, but actually, when they do, they're like, oh, my God, this is so much better than I thought it would be. Right?

[23:53] Vanessa Lambert: That's a perfect example. And it really does come back, because it's like, in the end, what they're afraid of is other people's opinions, right? And then when they get really clear that this is who I am and I love me for me and it's okay even if other people don't like me, that doesn't actually influence how I feel about myself. Exactly. You come back into that alignment and you just gain all of that force of your true soul self.

[24:21] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, absolutely. So you've got a pretty lengthy background in health and wellness, as we spoke about earlier, as well as strength and conditioning and having worked with some of the best in the ancestral world, such as Rob Wolf and Mark Sisson, et cetera. But now you primarily teach Kundalini yoga and the Akashic records. Can you talk a little bit about these modalities and why they are the primary modalities that you work in today?

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[28:19] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah, I love talking about these, so I would love to. The akashic records I was introduced to when I did that year long internship in the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Method. And at the time, the way that I was introduced to it was that you could access this kind of vault of information, this space that actually holds the records of everything that's ever happened to your soul. And if you think about it, it's like the hard drive of your soul. I mean, it really just has all of the data of everything that's happened to your soul. And in the way that we worked with it, we would actually go up into this specific kind of location in this records, in the vaults of this energy field, and you could actually connect with souls from the other side or souls who had passed away. And so the specific teachings I got were really about understanding how thin the veil is and how it's actually not that difficult to access these other energy fields and people who may not be here with us in physical form. So that was kind of my first foray into the Akashic Records of like, okay, it's this energy field that has all this stuff, and you can work with other souls, you can tap into other energy fields. And I got that imprint. Fast forward. And I sort of stopped working in the Akashic records for a while, kind of forgot about it. It was just sort of like one of these modalities that was sitting on the shelf, ready to be rediscovered later. Fast forward. I started doing Kundalini yoga around ten years ago, just as a student. And I remember I took my first class and I had no idea what Kundalini yoga is. And the teacher's talking about this snake that's. At the base of your spine, and you're going to do these movements, and the snake is going to come up your spine. And I'm like, what is she talking about? And I just thought it was like, super wacky modality. I'm in the class, so I go through it. But at the end of the class, I was like, wow, I feel pretty good. This was kind of an interesting thing. So I started taking more Kundalini yoga in Los Angeles, and I was just really lucky to be there at a time where there were some incredible teachers, including my teacher guru Juget, who I'm sure we'll talk about. But I just saw that this was a way where I could cut power to those negative thought forms like we were talking before, and really enrich the positive current in my life and really promote the positive nature of myself. And so I really found it to just be such a transformative practice for me personally. And I knew that I would eventually take the teacher training. I always just like from pretty early on in my practice, I knew it was a modality that I really wanted to understand deeper. And then in 2020, when everything happened, after about doing Kundalini for about eight years, I finally had the bandwidth in the space to do the teacher trainings because our wellness business, which is mostly travel based, had completely shut down. So it opened up this clear corridor for me to just go all the way into the teaching trainings. And I took, like, eight teacher trainings in 18 to two year period, 18 months to two year period. So I just went all in. And what I saw was just that as I embodied these teachings even deeper, as I understood them, and really brought more discipline and more devotion into my life. With the Kundalini yoga, every single aspect of my life started changing. And that is from where we lived. We moved from Los Angeles to being in the heart of Venice Beach and in the city, which I loved. It was a beautiful time. But we moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is to me, one of the most sacred places in the United States. It is absolutely an insanely beautiful location, and just I can't even believe I live here. From quite literally, physical changes and location to changes in my relationship with my husband. We started doing a devotional practice every morning together. Then we started seeing all of these improvements in our company, in our business, and the way things were flowing in, and how much easier business was coming to us, and how much easier everything was happening. And then I just noticed again, my thought forms. All of a sudden, I was like, wow, I think way better thoughts now. They're just more beautiful. They're less negative, they're less critical. So it was just like every single aspect of my life started changing because of this Kundalini practice. And because of the devotional nature that I had come into relationship with, it kind of fast forward that's sort of the container. And then a friend of mine mentioned the Akashic Records at one point, and I was like, oh, the Akashic Records. Haven't thought about those in years. What's the deal? Remind me. She was kind of talking to me about the Akashic Records, and she said, I'm going to do this little weekend refresher course. Do you want to come in and do the training with me? And so I took this little weekend refresher course, and everything just started flooding in, and the Akashic Records just came online even more powerfully than they had when I initially worked in them. And what I got was that the Kundalini yoga, having the container of this really powerful practice, actually allowed me to be able to hold the kind of frequencies where the Akashic Records could open even more deeply and I could really have a better understanding and a better access to that dimension. And so fast forward a little bit further down the timeline. The way that it works is when you work in the Akashic Records, you use your teacher's prayer, and you use essentially, like, sound codes to open up the records. And I was sitting, and we were actually in Northern California in our RV doing a little camping trip in the Redwoods, and I heard a voice that said, Pick up a pen. I picked up a pen, and I just channelled through straight in one shot, the prayer that they were giving me. And essentially that's like them saying, okay, now you're a teacher, and it's up to you to start teaching this modality to others because you have your own almost access through these sound codes. So all of that to say, both of these things just kind of came in, and they really have this intrinsic supportive nature to one another. And I feel like had I not really had that very powerful Kundalini practice, I wouldn't have been able to hold the Akashic Records from a teaching standpoint.

[35:04] Leigh Brandon: Got you. So I'm guessing you don't do any kind of, like, strength and conditioning, personal training kind of work at all anymore.

[35:13] Vanessa Lambert: I don't do it, like, in a front facing. Obviously, we have our amazing gym in our garage, and we still train ourselves, and we do all of that, but we don't do anything front facing anymore, and we did it for a very long time. I feel like I've been working in some kind of strength and conditioning modality for, like, 20 years of our career span. And my husband is the same. He kind of just got to the point where he has a few local clients here, but we don't actually run any forward facing programs online or do anything with strength and conditioning. And I feel like there's so many amazing coaches out there now that we're like, all right, planet Earth, you're good. There's plenty of people that are doing that and doing that really in a powerful way. So it just became much more interesting for me to do the Kundalini yoga and the Akashic training and really focus on the spiritual aspect of it.

[36:09] Leigh Brandon: So I'm just putting myself in the shoes of someone listening or watching this who perhaps never heard of the Akashic records before, and they say, oh, that sounds really interesting. If someone came to you to work with you with their Akashic records, what would the experience be like?

[36:30] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah, so there's a couple of ways that you can work with me. One, you can just have a reading, and we can open up your caution records. And truly, the way that looks as we open up your records, and we actually just see what the records want to bring in. I just had a session yesterday where the gentleman came in with a specific sort of idea of what he wanted to look at. Once we got into the records, they brought in a whole broadcast of other things that were really relevant and important for him to experience and hold, but wasn't necessarily the reason we went in. So we can do a reading where you can come in with certain ideas of maybe questions you have about your life or the trajectory you're on, or career or relationship, a whole plethora of things that we can look at. But the Akashic records themselves might also just bring in really poignant present things for you to look at and consider. So that's one way. And then the other way that you can work with me is actually to learn how to actually work in the Akashic records as a reader, either for other people or just for yourself. And I do a four month certification program which really just takes you into the depths of all of the different ways that you can work with the Kaushik records. And the way that I like to explain it is that the Akashic records is almost like this umbrella that holds all these various modalities. So folks out there who are maybe familiar with reiki, when you're in the Akashic records, you can actually almost tune into the frequency of reiki and almost download the reiki energy and understand reiki from the Akashic perspective. So you may not be someone who's trained in reiki, but when you go into the records, they'll say to you, okay, guess what? We're going to give you Reiki, or you're going to give someone reiki, or we're going to show you how to work with this energy. And what's cool about that is that what do they say? If you only have a hammer, everything is a nail. So it's like, if you only have reiki as a modality, then whatever you're up to, or whoever you're working with, that's the tool you have in the Akashic records. It's like you get access to the whole again, my favorite word cornucopia of different modalities that you can work with. And I think that that's what I love about it so much, is that it's literally like everything's on the table at that point. And so you might have certain sound codes that come in. Like, I've quite literally had the Akashic records say to me, you need to make these specific sounds for this person. They need to hear these certain sound codes to help kind of fill in their aura with this different vibration that they're lacking. Or they'll say to the person, you need to start wearing these specific colors because these colors are going to help kind of, again, bring in these sound currents or these frequencies that are lacking in your aura. You might have something come in, like an actual teacher or master or someone from your ancestral lineage that comes in with a specific teaching for you. And it's just like, I could go on for hours about the different things that can happen under the umbrella of the Akashic Records. But what I love about it is that it's like the sky is the limit. There's no limit to the kind of things that can come in that are supportive for you.

[39:52] Leigh Brandon: And do you have any examples of people that you've done a reading for and it's kind of changed their life in some way?

[40:01] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah, this is so good. I was just talking about this the other day. One of the things that we do in the Akashic Records is we work on something called soul contracts. Have you heard of this? Are you familiar with this term?

[40:12] Leigh Brandon: Yes.

[40:12] Vanessa Lambert: Okay. For listeners who aren't familiar, sole contracts is this idea that before we come into our incarnation, before we come into physical form, we quite literally write contracts with other beings, with other energy fields. It could even be with, like, a job, or it could even be with animals, that you write these specific contracts of how you're going to interact with each other in order to elicit growth in your soul experience. So a great example would be you have a soul contract with your spouse, and your soul contract is that you're going to play these certain roles together in order for you to grow in certain ways in your experience on planet Earth. Well, what happens sometimes is we contract in for things that maybe when we get here to planet Earth, we actually don't want to fulfill upon. So maybe you don't actually want to be in a ten year abusive relationship, because before coming into incarnation, your soul was like, yeah, that'll be really great for my soul growth. I'll learn a lot from that. You get down here and you're in a two year abusive relationship, and you're like, I'm done with this. I don't want to do this anymore. You can actually go into the caution records, locate that contract, and you can edit and update it so that it no longer reflects what you opted into before you came into your physical form. And so the reason I use this as an example is that I've done this with all kinds of different varying degrees from relationships. In fact, just did this yesterday for husband and wife rewriting their Soul Contract together because they were not experiencing the kind of bliss and joy in their relationship that they want to. So we went in and we found the Soul Contract and we actually made some edits, had them both energetically sign, and then filed it back in the Akashic records. So these are the types of things that you can see happen. And you would be amazed after you edit these or update these contracts, the kinds of things that will happen. People will get new job offers, they'll make more money, their relationships will improve. I've had women get pregnant. I mean, all kinds of things that can happen in relationship to just kind of editing the energy that you agreed to participate in Planet Earth.

[42:41] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, it's really interesting. What I was thinking, as you were describing, that was more what the process is for you. Like, how do you access the Akashic records? Do you need to be in like a specific meditative state or anything like that? What kind of process you have to go through and what state perhaps do you need to be in?

[43:03] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah, so my personal practice is I put myself in a blue Tetrahedron. So an energetic blue Tetrahedron. And for folks who don't know what that is, it's like a pyramid shape on the top and a pyramid shape on the bottom. So it's almost like a diamond shape, but it's actually a pyramid on both sides.

[43:21] Leigh Brandon: And is this a physical thing or.

[43:22] Vanessa Lambert: Is it no, it's an energetic thing. So I quite literally imagine putting myself in a blue Tetrahedron. And for me, this was given to me by one of my teachers who was given it by, I believe it was the blue Avians, like the extra-terrestrials who said that if you actually enact this kind of energy form, you're highly protected. And so I kind of fooled with it, and I took that on as a practice, and I absolutely noticed a difference. So I put myself in that energy field just to protect myself from anything that might be going on with a client or even just in the energy field of the space I'm in. And then I use a prayer. And this was what I was referring to earlier. When they decide that you're a teacher, they give you a specific prayer. And I'd be happy to say it if you'd like. Would you like to hear it?

[44:13] Leigh Brandon: Absolutely.

[44:14] Vanessa Lambert: Okay, cool. It's very beautiful. And this is what I was saying. I channelled in in the one straight shot. So let's just see. How about I'm trying to see if we should open your records. Would you mind if I open your records?

[44:28] Leigh Brandon: Sure. Go for it.

[44:29] Vanessa Lambert: Okay, let's open it for you. Okay, I have permission to open. All right, here we go. From the north, south, east and the west as above, as below. May all angels guide seers in the Great Spirit guide us in this journey. May our hearts be received and our visions be guided. And light and love. May the deepest wisdom come forth for Leigh in this moment and may he be supported by the ancients of all creation. The records are open. With the greatest integrity to serve Leigh and all humankind. All is held in a stream of light and love. All is guided. All is protected. The records are now open. You are loved. So we're in your records now. How does it feel?

[45:15] Leigh Brandon: You know what is really interesting? As you started speaking, it just felt like my heart just increased in size. That's what I felt.

[45:25] Vanessa Lambert: Yes.

[45:27] Leigh Brandon: A very nice feeling.

[45:30] Vanessa Lambert: And one of the things that I love about the Akashic records is that by simply just being in the Akashic field, by just opening and entering that space, most people report that they just get like an energetic healing and you do. There's almost just like this calm that comes into the body and it's almost like a little bit of a central nervous system reset. Everything just sort of drops a beat and so it's really beautiful. Do you mind if I just see if there's anything they want to bring through for you?

[46:02] Leigh Brandon: Sure, absolutely.

[46:03] Vanessa Lambert: Okay. Do you have a son?

[46:07] Leigh Brandon: No.

[46:09] Vanessa Lambert: Do you want a son?

[46:11] Leigh Brandon: Not that I know of.

[46:14] Vanessa Lambert: Okay. Because there was just a boy spirit that came in right away, like very right away.

[46:22] Leigh Brandon: I was once told by a medium a few years back that I would have a child in my fifty s, and I'm almost halfway through.

[46:31] Vanessa Lambert: Okay. He came in like boom. So this is why I usually when I open the Akashic records, I typically just see, you know, like, if there's someone almost like waiting at the door for you to let them in. And this boy spirit came in instantly. So I don't know. Obviously the thing that I want to just say about that is that he's here and that he's totally open to being in your life and being a part of and having that sole contract with you. And if you've kind of lost sight of that or even lost hope of that a little bit, not to lose that light and that hope. And quite honestly, it almost looks like there's a girl behind him a little bit. Like there could be two. And I think that that's just what I'm getting, is that your heart would love that, but you've almost kind of lost sight of it a bit, or you're like, oh, I don't know if that's going to happen. Or I've sort of just let that go a little bit, which is fine, but this is almost just a reminder that could still be a part of your experience if you wanted it to. And so to open your heart back to that and let that be a possibility again.

[47:49] Leigh Brandon: Wow. That's pretty interesting.

[47:52] Vanessa Lambert: It's very interesting. Yeah. The boy spirit came in super strong. I don't know why. I don't consider myself like a spirit baby person, but a lot of times, souls will come in with me, and this is something I experience quite regularly, but it feels like the thing is just about you reopening your heart to that possibility and just actually not closing down on it, but just reopening. And I think that if that's what you want, you always have the free will, but it feels like it's definitely a possibility for that to come through. Let me see. And then the only other thing I'm just seeing is that the woman I'm just seeing a woman with brown hair, and it's almost like maybe you already know her. So there's that interesting. So there's that. I'll leave that at that. But, yeah, it feels like all of that, and what I get is that experience of fatherhood. That experience would open you up even more in your soul expansion and would give you aspects of yourself you've yet to discover, and that would be really beautiful for you. Do you have any questions or anything that you want me to look at?

[49:28] Leigh Brandon: I think you've just blown my mind enough, I think. Well, that's really interesting. Thank you.

[49:41] Vanessa Lambert: You're so welcome. Yeah, let's go ahead and shut the close the records just so we can kind of close that out. I give thanks to the north, south, east, and the west, all the elements, tattoos, the great spirit, angels and guides, guiding all with the hands of creation and love. May we be blessed and loved. May this reading close with the highest integrity to continue to serve and heal, and may all be held in a stream of light consciousness. Aho. The records are now closed.

[50:11] Leigh Brandon: Thank you very much.

[50:13] Vanessa Lambert: Thank you.

[50:15] Leigh Brandon: That was pretty amazing.

[50:18] Vanessa Lambert: It's pretty amazing.

[50:20] Leigh Brandon: I'll tell you more when we stop recording.

[50:23] Vanessa Lambert: Okay? Yeah, I know that it's quite like a vulnerable space, right? It's like somebody just exposed you. You're like, oh, okay. Hello. I'm out here. But I really appreciate that, and I appreciate you letting the audience tune into that, because I think what you can feel innately is just how beautiful the space is and how sophisticated and intimate it can be. And it's one of the things I love about the akashic records, is that it's just such a beautiful, intimate space to connect with people through. And it's almost like for those of you out there who've done plant ceremonies or just any of these spaces that you put yourself in, where you become more open, more open hearted, more open spirited. I feel like the cautious records is that way, and there's no intermediary required. Like, you don't need a plant. You don't need a psychedelic, you don't need anything. It's just you and you.

[51:19] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. Amazing. So you have an incredible event that's coming up in April called B Fest. And could you share a little about this event and why it's important to you?

[51:35] Vanessa Lambert: Yes. So we talked about all of the things kind of in our background, the strength and conditioning, the wellness, the sort of ancestral background we have with food and nourishment. And then obviously this kind of new branch into the mystic teachings. B Fest is literally the event that encompasses all of this. And I think that what I love about it is that it's really an opportunity for us in the wellness space, for us in this world to actually come into this environment, live it, and also celebrate it. And I think so many times, we've certainly for years we've been running transformational retreats for over a decade, for eleven years now. And most of the work in the initial phase of our sort of retreat space was about coming in. We'd work on strength and conditioning, we'd work on nutrition, we'd work, work, work. It was all about like, we're getting there, we're going to work. B Fest is this event where we can actually honor and celebrate all the work we've done. Because I'm sure if you're listening to this podcast or you're like us, you've done a lot of work. We've been up to big things, really trying to support ourselves and really trying to become the embodiment of the practices and the teachings that we know are powerful for us. And so B Fest is a place where you can come, live it, celebrate it, and be with other people who are holding that level of attainment. I think that being around other people I always talk about the group aura. Just being with other like minded people, being with other people that share this similar ethos about life it up levels you without you even having to do anything because you're just by exposure, by the nature of being with these other beings that are holding this kind of energy, you just get upgraded.

[53:31] Announcer: You're listening to the Radical Health Rebel podcast.

[53:36] Leigh Brandon: Just a brief interruption to this podcast to talk about adult acne. Now, did you know that 40% to 54% of men and women older than 25 years will have some degree of facial acne? And that clinical facial acne persists into middle age in 12% of women and 3% of men? I know only too well the devastating effects that acne can have on your confidence and your self esteem and how it can easily destroy your social life, your career and your relationships. I know this only too well because I suffered from severe cystic acne from age 13 to 31 over an 18 year period. I visited my doctor on many occasions and his only suggestions were acne creams, harsh cleansers and antibiotics that weren't working and were actually making my skin worse. After 18 years of struggle and thousands of pounds invested in treatments that didn't work, through my professional education, I began to learn that what my doctor had told me was untrue and that diet was directly related to acne plus other factors such as food sensitivities, toxicity, hormones, and balancing the body's microbiome. Putting what I had learnt into practice, I managed to rib myself of acne over 20 years ago and have been helping others to do the same for well over a decade. By teaching people what foods cause acne, what food sensitivities each individual has, how to optimize their detox pathways, how to reduce environmental stresses and toxins, and how to balance hormones, especially those related to the mTOR pathway, a major causal factor with acne. I've been able to help many other adults overcome their acne nightmare too. So if you would like more information on how to overcome your adult acne, please go to www.skinwebinar.com. That's www.skinwebinar.com, where you can also request an Acne breakthrough. Call with me to see if you are suitable for my Eliminate Adult Acne coaching program, where you could once and for all learn how to overcome your adult acne. Now back to the podcast.

[55:50] Vanessa Lambert: This is what I love about BeeFest, is like, you just show up and you have a massive upgrade and you don't even have to work that hard. You just get to have fun, you get to enjoy it. So we have strength and conditioning components, we have breath work, we have Kundalini, yoga. All of the meals are super high quality sourced meals. We worked with this particular resort in Playa Riviera, Mexico, and the owner has a very similar ethos as us, so he's just like absolutely meticulous about the sourcing. And then we call it B Fest because we bring in this sort of festival element. So at the end of each night we have these really fun themes. So we have essentially like Bernie Man style costume themes where you come and dress up and really just an opportunity to self express. And then we have live performances from artists, from international artists all around the world. So for those of you who are familiar with, like, Pongi, he'll be performing, he'll also have his music as Medicine workshop. So it's just this culmination of everything we love. It's music, it's food, it's expression, it's art, it's health and fitness. It's just everything that we love. All in this beautiful luxury location in Playa Riviera, Mexico.

[57:13] Leigh Brandon: Amazing. You say you've been running retreats for.

[57:18] Vanessa Lambert: Eleven years, you say eleven years? Yeah.

[57:20] Leigh Brandon: And have you used the same venue before or is it new?

[57:24] Vanessa Lambert: So we haven't used the same venue before, but when we were scouting, so this will be our third BeeFest. And BeeFest is kind of like my soul, baby. I love it so much. It's just my commitment to bringing this beautiful experience to planet Earth. The first year we did it in the redwoods in Northern California. Last year. We did it in Zion, just outside Zion national park. And then we wanted to do a beach experience and really go into that kind of jungle ocean energy. So we literally scoured the planet to find the perfect location for this kind of beach frequency. And when we found this location, it was like they'd built the place for us. It's just so perfect. Their ethos, the decor, just everything. Honestly, it's like they made the place for us. So we're really excited about having it there. And we're already in talks about maybe having it there again because we're so excited about it.

[58:23] Leigh Brandon: So did your Akashic records help you find that place?

[58:27] Vanessa Lambert: You know, it's funny because I actually asked the Akashic records, and the thing I heard was they said, just keep looking, because we had been scouring me, doing all these things. And so I was sitting there, and I was like, okay, keep looking. Keep looking where's? Somewhere that I haven't looked. I went into this Facebook group that I'm a member of, and it's like a Facebook group for people who run retreats. And so a lot of people talk about different locations, and there was a post at the very top of it, and it said, this location wants to start hosting wellness retreats. I clicked on it, and I got physical chills. I was like, oh, my gosh, I think this is our spot. So, in a way, yes, they did help me find it.

[59:13] Leigh Brandon: Awesome. So your Kundalini yoga and Akashic trainings brand is called star Seed Collective?

[59:21] Vanessa Lambert: Yes.

[59:22] Leigh Brandon: Can you tell me what a star seed is and how that influences your work and your brand ethos?

[59:28] Vanessa Lambert: Yes. Star Seeds. So the idea of star seeds are kind of the definition of a star seed is that there are certain souls who chose to reincarnate on planet Earth from other extra-terrestrial bodies or from other energy fields. But they specifically chose to come incarnate onto planet Earth to help raise the frequency, to actually help elevate the energy field of planet Earth into this. Four D, five D and beyond level of energy. And so the way that I like to think about this is some people truly identify, like, they really feel that they are from a different planet or they're from a different galaxy, or they really feel their extra-terrestrial origin, so to speak. And that's awesome. I certainly can relate to that. And I've had very deep experiences about different extra-terrestrials and my relationship to them. But the way that I like to think about it is that if you self identify as somebody who's trying to help planet Earth, if you self identify as someone who's trying to raise the energy field, then you're a star seed. And so whether you want to get into the super crazy reaches of extra-terrestrial experience or not, it's kind of like, get in where you fit in. But to me, if you're. Here to help, then you're a star seed. And so Star Seed Collective is about collecting those people, collecting that energy so that we can gather and we can unite and we can help one another to change the frequency here on planet Earth.

[01:01:06] Leigh Brandon: I guess I probably know quite a few star seeds then.

[01:01:09] Vanessa Lambert: I think you might even be one Leigh. We're being honest here. Yeah, I have no doubt. A lot of star seeds, and it can be difficult. They say a lot of times star seeds can struggle here on Planet Earth because a lot of times we've come from other energy fields that are not quite so dense, they're not so intense and heavy. And so a lot of people that identify as being a star seed, being on Planet Earth can be tough, it can actually feel heavy. And star seeds even talk about depression or just really suffering with the experience of Planet Earth because it's very intense. And I think that's why I like this idea of Starseed Collective, because it can be intense. And if we're being honest, it's pretty intense for all of us right now, whether you think you're a star seat or not, like, what's going on on Earth is pretty intense. So it's this idea that we can unite, we can gather together and we can help one another hold the energy and feel safer and feel more empowered in our Earth experience. And this is another reason why BFAST is so important to me, is that I feel that it's a literal kind of vibration implant that we're giving planet Earth, like as these amazing humans and energies to come together and celebrate and emote that kind of frequency. I really believe that that does change the energy field of Planet Earth.

[01:02:41] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, certainly my experience of being around lots of star seeds, which I tend to do when I'm around a lot of other Czech train professionals. Or it might be when the Czech faculty gets together, which we're hoping to again this year if you do anything like tai chi or toning or meditation or drumming, anything like that in a group of those people and it's just amplified ten hundred times more than if you were doing it somewhere else.

[01:03:18] Vanessa Lambert: So true. And honestly, I feel like my husband and I have been running events for eleven years, and we say this all the time, we can see somebody transform 1020 years in one event. And as coaches we understand like we could have worked with them as a client for ten years to elicit the kind of change that happens in one event.

[01:03:40] Leigh Brandon: It just reminded me of the time I'm going back many years, maybe 20 plus years, and I was searching for a new premises in London. And I went into this building, and the guy was showing me around the building, and I think it was the third floor I was looking at. And he said, oh, let me just show you the yoga studio, which was on the ground floor. And he opened the door and I walked in and I just said, wow, there's like an amazing energy in this room. And he looked at me and he went, wow, you feel that too? He'd never come across someone else that had ever felt that energy. So I can really relate to a lot of people getting together at the kind of event that you're running and just how amazing it would be for every person that's there.

[01:04:27] Vanessa Lambert: It's just truly like when I look at the timeline of my life and I think about the most joyous, most empowering experiences, these BFAST certainly illuminate on the timeline and everyone that gets the opportunity to experience it, you know, often it's just like this. They're a listener out there. It's the first time they've heard of us. They don't even really know. Like, they're not even really sure what the event is, but something inside of them is like, I'm meant to be there. They show up and it's like, time and time again, they've just reported, like, this has been the most amazing experience of my life. I feel so grateful I stumbled upon this and that now I had this experience, and I cannot imagine my life having not had this experience. And it opens up a whole world because now they're part of this bigger community. They have opportunities. There's so many wonderful coaches and teachers and people that are on the site participating in this particular experience that it usually takes you down a new path. And now you find a new teacher, a new coach, or you find a new client. I mean, it just opens up all of these miraculous doors. And just year after year, we've just heard, like, wow, this all happened from Beef US.

[01:05:46] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, it does sound like an absolutely amazing event.

[01:05:50] Vanessa Lambert: It's pretty awesomely. Wink-wink.

[01:05:57] Leigh Brandon: So you turned 44 last year, and you've experienced a fair amount of life up to this point. What's most important to you now that you could share with our audience?

[01:06:10] Vanessa Lambert: I think the thing that's become so important to me over the years is to have joy now, to be happy now, and there's no prerequisite to be happy and to love your life right now. And if there's one thing that I've just learned over and over and over, it's stop waiting. Right back to our original point of this whole discussion. Stop waiting to do the thing. Stop waiting to take the course. Stop waiting to go on the trip. Stop waiting to tell the person you love them. Just do the thing now. And most importantly, be happy now. Like, give yourself permission. And it's one of the largest regrets that people report on their deathbed is that they didn't allow themselves to be happy. And it's such an easy thing. It's such an easy thing to just give yourself permission to be happy. And even in the difficult moments, even in the treacherous times, there's always that spark of joy. There's always something that you can turn towards that brings you joy. And if you are having a hard time finding that, that's why it's even more important to find other people that you can surround yourself that can bring in that joy experience. And so for me, at 44 years of age, I have so many goals and so many dreams and so many things I still want to do. But I am so committed to being happy right now and being so grateful and enamored with my life experience in this very moment.

[01:07:42] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, that's a great message. And I know someone once said, the only thing that is real is right now. So true that's all you've got is right now, because tomorrow or yesterday's already gone and tomorrow is not here yet.

[01:07:59] Vanessa Lambert: And it's just so true because as yogis, we talk about this all the time. One of the main focuses of what we do is that we actually try to embody and imbibe the quality of the moment. Like we are literally just what is the fabric of this moment, and how can I just turn ratchet up? The energy of it, the joy of it, the love of it, the experience of it, because all your life is is just moment by moment. And so if you don't kind of attune to the quality of each moment, you're missing it. You're missing the whole game.

[01:08:34] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. That's not smelling the flowers, isn't it?

[01:08:39] Vanessa Lambert: Exactly. Yeah.

[01:08:42] Leigh Brandon: Awesome. Now I actually know the answer to the next question, but I always ask my guest this question what's next for Vanessa?

[01:08:57] Vanessa Lambert: Well, we have obviously the next Akashic certification is coming up. And depending on when you listen to this, the next one is happening at the end of February 2023. And if you're listening to this at some far off point in the future, I'm sure there's another one coming up at some point. So this will still be true. But it's really cool because this particular Akashic training, we always have a graduation retreat, and B Fest will actually be the graduation retreat for this particular training. So it's really unique and special, and we haven't done it in this fashion before. So I'm really, really excited about the folks who are joining in this round. They're going to actually the culmination of their training is actually going to end at B Fest. And that's really a special thing. And then for me, otherwise, what's really up is I'm working on a book, so that's exciting. And I'm really just focused on being of service. And I think this is something that has also come in these 44 years and with age, is that I'm so in love with being in service. And when you're younger, everything is about you. You're really just self serving, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's great. That's how we're learning. But I think as you transition into your later years, you just really feel like the devotional service to other just becomes the most beautiful thing that you can be focused on. And so that's where I'm at and that's what I'm up to next.

[01:10:29] Leigh Brandon: Great. And the Akashic Records training, is that virtual or is it in person?

[01:10:35] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah, so all of the training is done, virtually everything is done through zoom and then of course, the only in person component will be the retreat. So coming to BeeFest and celebrating all that we've created together over the months before. So, yeah, everything is virtual. And the cool thing for your listeners, specifically, in the past we always had our practice, we do a two hour practice session every week. And in the past we've always done them in the evenings. This is actually the first time we're doing it earlier in the day. So specifically, our European friends can be on the live calls and on the live practice sessions with us. So a beautiful time for folks across the pond to get involved.

[01:11:19] Leigh Brandon: Awesome. And when you were talking about being of service, the way that I see it is that for almost all of us, and I think probably all of us, that is the path to happiness. Because when you look at a lot of people who become, quote unquote, successful and they've got all the money, they've got the big house, they've got the cars, whatever, but they're not happy, right? They themselves have supposedly got everything they want, but now they're not happy.

[01:11:56] Vanessa Lambert: I love that you're talking about this because I talk about money and wealth in my training all the time because there's this format for having wealth which also equals unhappiness dissatisfaction, not being in their destiny or their dharmas, we like to say as Yogis. And this is actually one of the things I'm really up to trying to change, that you actually can be wealthy and happy at the same time, but we don't have a lot of great role models for that. And it's one of the things I think as healers, light Workers, star Seeds, there seems to be this idea that you also have to be destitute and you can't make a lot of money and you can't have a lot of value for yourself. And there's a lot of kind of agreement around what sort of wealth status you should have. And I actually think that I'm a huge stand for light Workers helpers having wealth, having what I refer to as more votes. You have more voting currency to actually invest in the things that you want to see propagate on planet Earth. I always talk about being able to invest in sustainable clothing brands, or buy healthier food or invest in organic farms. So I actually love that you brought this up, because this is, like, a huge mission of mine to close this gap between wealthy and being helpful and actually embody and empower. More helper beings, more light workers, whatever you want to call yourself. To actually have the assets to invest in the things that we want to see grow on planet Earth.

[01:13:40] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, because at the end of the day, I don't believe that we have democracy in the world anymore. Elections and voting is a waste of time, but the way that we can vote is with our dollars or our pounds or our Euros.

[01:13:56] Vanessa Lambert: Right, 100%. I couldn't agree more. And it's why I think there has to become a high value on service. And I would love to see I spend a lot of money every year, just kind of part of my ethos on coaches, on paying for programs, on learning from other master teachers, because I actually want to create a bigger economy in that experience. And I think we've been so focused on physical items, on bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger whatever. And I'm not even saying that you shouldn't want nice things like that, it's perfectly fine. But what I really love the idea of is actually creating a huge economy over valuing people's services and their unique teachings and their unique energy. And that to me, is what I would love to see the economy become a massive part of the economy.

[01:14:53] Leigh Brandon: Well, maybe that will happen after not the great reset, but the great resist. Maybe that's what we're going to create.

[01:15:01] Vanessa Lambert: Or maybe it'll happen after BeeFest.

[01:15:03] Leigh Brandon: Maybe.

[01:15:07] Vanessa Lambert: I have very high expectations of what BeeFest can do for planetary.

[01:15:15] Leigh Brandon: As you were speaking, and I was just thinking, who would be a good example of someone who's really dedicated their life, certainly in their latter life, to service, but is a wealthy person and the person that just sprung out was Russell Brand.

[01:15:28] Vanessa Lambert: Yes, and it's really amazing because Russell Brand and I share teachers, so our Kundalini yoga teachers are shared teachers. I feel that Russell is like kind of in my spiritual family and my song. It because we have a lot of the same Kundalini teachers and the same teachings and sort of the same ideology about things. So I think he's a wonderful example, for sure. And absolutely. I think he's just incredible and I want to get him at B Fest and I am one link away from it. I'm like, he's so close. So anyone out there who knows Russell Brandt, please introduce me.

[01:16:10] Leigh Brandon: We tried for years to try and get him to be a keynote speaker at check conferences, but that never happened. But we keep trying. Yeah, when it's right, it will happen.

[01:16:22] Vanessa Lambert: Exactly. And either way, like I said, we share teachers. So I have this link to him, but I just haven't quite connected into it. But I just feel like regardless, I just love what he's up to. I love his sound current, I love what he stands for. And I'm just such a bright individual.

[01:16:41] Leigh Brandon: Definitely a star seed, right?

[01:16:43] Vanessa Lambert: Definitely a star seed. Absolutely.

[01:16:48] Leigh Brandon: So do you want to just give details of I'm sure there's people listening to this thinking, right, I want to go to B Festival just to remind people. It's April 26 to the 30th.

[01:17:01] Vanessa Lambert: Yes.

[01:17:02] Leigh Brandon: And what resort is it again?

[01:17:03] Vanessa Lambert: So it's called Hotel Palmaia. P-A-L-M-A-I-A. What is the eye with the two dots over it? I don't actually know, but it's the eye with the two dots over it.

[01:17:14] Leigh Brandon: My Spanish isn't great.

[01:17:16] Vanessa Lambert: Yeah. I'm like, I don't actually know what that's called, but I a so Palmaia. And yeah. April 26 through 30th. And then we are actually adding a really unique experience for folks we haven't announced this yet, but for anyone out there listening and they're thinking about their travel plans, I want to just give this little bit of information so you have it in your arsenal of decision. So on the 30th, we are actually going to break out into men's and women's groups and have kind of special programming specifically for men and women. So if people want to participate this is optional. You don't have to participate, but if you would like to, on the 30th, we'll break out into the men's and women's groups, and then those groups will actually wrap on the first. So there's kind of this other little unique add on if that's something that speaks to you. And we are going to have some really amazing offerings during that time as well. But otherwise, the bulk of the experience is the 26th through the 30.

[01:18:15] Leigh Brandon: April, and what's the what's the closest airport?

[01:18:20] Vanessa Lambert: Cancun. So super easy to fly in. Okay. Yeah.

[01:18:24] Leigh Brandon: Cool, cool. So that's be the Wellness.com.

[01:18:29] Vanessa Lambert: B E. Yes, b E. So be like a honeybee. Be the Wellness.com. And then it's Beefest, Palmaia. And if you just go to Be the Wellness.com, you can also navigate through our existing offerings and you'll see it there as well. So if that's too much to remember, just be the Wellness.com. We'll get you to the main hub and that will take you to BeeFest great.

[01:19:00] Leigh Brandon: And do you have any discounts for the Radical Health Rebel audience?

[01:19:04] Vanessa Lambert: We do. We've got a $500 off. So if you use the code “RADICAL”, right? Yeah, RADICAL. Okay. All of a sudden, I was, like, second guessing myself. If you use the code Radical, you'll get $500 off. So I think that will probably close to cover your flight. I think you guys can get pretty good flights into Cancun.

[01:19:27] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, and there's no restrictions on flights to Mexico. You can just get on the plane and go.

[01:19:35] Vanessa Lambert: You can just get on the plane and go, which is actually another reason we chose Mexico, because we were like, there's nothing that can stop us from doing this retreat. So, yeah, definitely. It weighed in on our decision making.

[01:19:49] Leigh Brandon: Awesome. Vanessa, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with myself and the audience. I really enjoyed that little session of my Akashic records, which I'm sure we're going to chat about more in a moment. And to all the Radical Health Rebel tribe, if you know someone who would benefit from watching or hearing this episode or might like to go to Beefest, then please make sure to share the love and forward it on to them. After all, the mission of this show is to help people lead a more fun filled, healthy, productive, fulfilling and happy life. And if you appreciate my guests and the wisdom they share with you each week, and you'd like to show your appreciation by supporting the podcast, you can become a subscriber to the brand new Radical Health Rebel Podcast plus starting at just $3 a month. Or you can check out a seven day free trial at our Patreon channel@patreon.com, radicalhealthrebel, where you'll have access to lots of premium content and exclusive discount offers in your membership. Full details can be found in the show notes. So that's all from Vanessa and me for this week, but don't forget, you can join me same time, same place, next week on the Radical Health Rebel Podcast.

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