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31 - Under The Veil of Deception with Paul Chek

March 13, 2023 Leigh Brandon Episode 31
Radical Health Rebel
31 - Under The Veil of Deception with Paul Chek
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In this episode, I go deep with Paul Chek into how humanity has been deceived in the past, especially around food and medicine and also look into how so many people people were deceived over the last 3 years by the mainstream propaganda.

We discussed:

Paul's motivation to write "Under the Veil of Deception"


We Need to Wake Up - FAST!


Brain Washing & Censorship


Why So many People Were Deceived


The Stages of Individuation and the Relationship to Being Deceived


What can we do to help the deceived?

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[00:00] Paul Chek: If you take the rudder off a sailing boat, you can't control where it goes. But if you put the rudder on and you say, I'm the captain of this ship, then all these brainwashing technologies just become crosswinds, but you just tack against them to arrive at your destination. We all need earth. We need to protect the planet. We have to take care of the Earth. We got to stop poisoning. It feeds us. How many brain cells do you need working together to say, why would I want to eat food that's been sprayed by people that have to wear hazmat suits to walk in those fields, and then I'm just going to feed it to my kids and me? We've got to get together collectively and make it illegal to use any technologies or any chemicals or anything that damages the infrastructure of nature upon which we live. And we've got to get over this idea that human beings control nature. So if we don't get together and say, okay, no matter what color you are, no matter what religion you are, no matter what belief system you are, we've got to team together and remove any corporation or group of people from the ability to damage the infrastructure of life because nothing else matters. So we've got a choice dream big together and protect what's essential to life for all living things or die together. Dream big or die big. That's where we're at.

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[02:14] Leigh Brandon: Paul Chek. Welcome back to the Radical Health Rebel podcast. Thanks for coming back on the show.

[02:20] Paul Chek: Cheers.

[02:21] Leigh Brandon: Well, the last episode went down a storm with the audience, so this one's going to be a lot deeper, so I'm sure they're going to love this one even more.

[02:28] Paul Chek: All right, take me deep, baby.

[02:31] Leigh Brandon: So today's episode is entitled under the Veil of Deception with Paul Check.

[02:36] Paul Chek: Good title.

[02:38] Leigh Brandon: So in 2002, Paul Chek released a book called under the Valve of Deception, where he outlined the deception created around our food supply and how it become an extremely unhealthy but also very profitable industry, not just for the food giants, but also the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It was during the time Paul released the book in the early 2000s, especially following 911, that I began to see the worldwide deception that we were all indoctrinated into. Under the Valve of Deception was one of the first of many rabbit holes that I went down over the following decades, which made me realize that the world paradigm I'd grown up in was a false one. Like everyone else, I knew I had been deceived. Now, in this episode, I'll be asking Paul about the deception by the food and farming industries. And we'll also ask his views on the deceptions carried out over the last three years why and how the deceptions were so successful and what the solutions are moving forward so we can reclaim our freedom of choice, real education, scientific debate and be able to make optimal choices to improve and maintain our health. If you're unfamiliar with Paul Czech and his background, I invite you to listen to episode eleven of this podcast where you can listen to our whistlestop tour of Paul's background going all the way back to the early 1960s and right up to today, highlighting his concepts of the 4 Doctor coaching model for optimal health and performance. So Paul, to kick things off, would you share with the audience your motivation for writing the book under the Valid Deception all the way back in the early 2000s?

[04:12] Paul Chek: Well, I was doing research to write my book how to Eat, Move and Be Healthy and I'd been researching these things for my whole career. So I already had a whole library of books that I'd studied going all the way back to the 18 hundreds. Harvey Levenstein has two amazing books, revolution at the Table and Paradox of Plenty. I think Revolution at the Table starts at 1840 and then it talks about how everything that people were told to eat, taught to eat, changed and was manipulated by corporations. And Paradox of Plenty was a really shocking book because it showed how we have this massive surplus of things like grains and that while we have lots of food. He talked, for example, about during the first and second World War. But what really struck me was the Second World War how when they had bread lines and people were being told there was massive food shortages, that the government was lying to everybody. And he unveiled something that sickened me to my core. He said that approximately 6 billion beef cattle and pigs were essentially slaughtered and dumped into rivers because the farmers could not sell them. Because the US government did not want the farmers, they didn't want to subsidize the farmers and they didn't want to give them the right or the ability to give the meat to people because the government felt it would make them too subservient to handouts. Therefore, they forced the people to struggle through the illusion of a food shortage. But the fact was they were wasting billions of dollars of food and not only that, sacrificing the lives of animals in a very, very immoral and unethical way. And so those two books were shocking because it showed that this manipulation by government and corporations has been going on for a very long time and in very, very ruthless, disgusting, immoral ways. Another book that was a real shocker is Farmers of 40 Centuries by Professor Hollis King, who was sent by the United States government because they couldn't figure out the US. Department of Agriculture could not figure out how in the world china, Korea, and Japan specifically, but in the biggest case, China, because only 14% of China's land mass is arable or farmable land. And so they wanted to know how in the world they could feed such a massive population on such a small amount of land. And the Chinese farmers were considered antiquated, laughed at and belittled by American farmers. So Dr. King went on an expedition, specifically as an investigator for the US government, to find out what in the world were they doing to farm that way. And he explored these countries I mentioned, and when he got to China, all of them had very, very advanced organic farming techniques. They were doing things like collecting everybody's ****. And in the village, there would be a mountain of **** that was called midnight soil. And then the farming families could all come and get that and use it as fertilizers. So they had a very careful system of reusing everything, not wasting things. He has pictures in his book. For example, they would have drainage ditches, irrigation ditches for water, and they would have a little wooden thing where it was like a circle, like a Ferris wheel of cup, of, like, little scoops that they would stand on and run like a bicycle. And that would pump water out, that would then go into the watering corrugations so the water would flow to the plants. And it looked very antiquated to Western mechanical farmers with tractors and things like that and more advanced technology. I don't remember exactly when tractors were initiated in the scope of that process. But the punchline is that he showed something so shocking that even the US. Department of Agriculture was shocked by it. He showed that the average Chinese, Korean, or Japanese farmer could produce more food on one and two thirds of an acre than the average American farmer could produce on 40 acres, which the American farmer said was too small for a single family. So he showed that not only were they far more masterful at farming than we were, but they produced a massive increase in the amount of food, the quality of food, the nutritional density of food. And he also highlighted in that book something very disturbing. And he in paraphrase said, why are we spending billions and billions and billions of dollars on a defense budget when we should be investing in the infrastructure, in the farming systems and in education systems and cross pollination and learning from each other instead of constantly trying to destroy each other? And so he actually saw that the community relationships and how they supported each other and they're sticking to the basics and recycling and creating a sustainable farming system was really ultimately what he felt we needed in the early 19 hundreds and was warning that the corporate influences and chemical company influences and all these other influences were actually destroying the entire food farming and food production system. And the sad thing for me reading that is that books, probably 300 pages or so loaded with great pictures, but it was a document specifically made for the United States government. And it's clear that they buried it. They didn't pay attention to any of it. And not only did they not listen, but they continued to this very day to degenerate the entire farming system and food system and turn it into a for profit warfare machine, industrialized chemical destruction of the topsoil of our planet, of the food supply, and ultimately of the health of families, societies, culture and nations. And it's so bad now that I don't even have words to describe it, except it's a miracle that we are still alive and that we haven't wiped out the sex organs of Mother Nature, which, as you know, is the insect population. But just to highlight how dangerously close, I think, two years ago now, a study was put out by a team of 50 entomologists because they started noticing that bug traffic all over the world was drastically reduced. So they wondered what was happening. So they did a collaborative study with entomologists all over the world, and they looked at bug traffic based on their records and research for the last 50 years. And they found that in the last 50 years, bug traffic worldwide has reduced by 75%, which was largely tracked back to the use of pesticides. And so the title of the paper was something like Armageddon May Be Near because the Insects are the sex Organs, the pollinators of the planet. And once you reach a critically low level, then you you have no food anymore. Nothing reproduces in line with that. Steiner in the late 18 hundreds, early 19 hundreds, said, human life as we know it depends on two things bees and trees. And if either of them reach a critically low level, life as we know it will cease to exist. And here we are right now with a major worldwide crisis of an extreme loss of trees and bees. The bee populations are dying up. Many varieties of bees, something like 60 or 70 different varieties of bees, if I remember right. I'm not being technically accurate, but a lot of varieties of bees have gone extinct. Honey bees are on their way out, and they've tracked that back to two things electromagnetic pollution and pesticides. And another factor that I've identified is that there is so much light at night that the insects, like the bees, are having a very hard time resting because their hormonal systems, like ours, are regulated by the sun. And you go on Google and search for pictures of the Earth at night taken by satellites, and it's glowing with lights everywhere. I mean, the place just is never dark anymore. So then I was researching the history of the drug industry, the history of the FDA, the history of the medical industry, the Rockefeller Organization, the Carnegie Organization. I was looking into the food supply and found that 90% of all the food eaten in the world is controlled by five major corporations. Cargill probably being the leader of them all, their ties to the chemical manufacturing, to the drug manufacturing, to the medical industry. And what began to unfold when I started putting all the pieces together is that there is a long term, worldwide collaborative effort to destroy the planet, to dumb people down, to basically wipe people out and turn them into sick, highly profitable people that depend on drugs. And in concert with all that was a clear, definite path, which is very well documented. If you look at DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral by Len Horowitz, he documents that the Carnegie Organization and the Rockefeller Organization have been executing these plans and researching ways to control people through DNA and wireless manipulation for approximately 100 years and are now at the point where they're initiating it successfully, which is what COVID was. The indoctrination process with the new technology and the test for that and also warfare silliness again. And so I just felt a moral obligation to humanity and to nature and to my students because I teach, as you know, holistic lifestyle coaching. You can't do that if you don't know what the word holism or holistic means. And if you don't look at the world holistically or look at your own life holistically, then you're going to become dangerously blind in areas where you don't have the good fortune of being blind. Ignorance no longer is bliss. It becomes a threat to your very survival and your consciousness and your intelligence. And so what I also have found is that the entire education system has been manipulated, literally as a marketing plan and an indoctrination plan to teach people not to think constructively, not to ask questions, and literally to just be programmed, robotic, sheep. All of which just funnels money into the hands of the very people that turn out to be behind the great reset the World Economic Forum and COVID. So the game hasn't stopped. It's just gotten bigger. And there's a long list of doctors, therapists, researchers, educators that have had their careers ruined and or been executed for putting out the kind of information I put in that book.

[17:26] Leigh Brandon: So that book was 2021 years ago that came out, which is crazy because I think I bought it in 2004, I think. And it just seems like it was last year that I bought that book. And I guess, you know, you've obviously opened the eyes of thousands of people and I'm just one of them over the years. But I guess we're in a situation now where, you know, we need to open the eyes of billions of people if we're going to come to a good ending, shall we say fast?

[17:56] Paul Chek: Yeah, we have to do it fast. And and, you know, in all honesty, you know, I'm definitely a pro life and an optimist, but I'm also a realist. And having spent 39 years now working as a therapist coach, life coach, dealing with people and behavioral change and seeing the issues that AIL people and families and businesses and corporations and professional sports teams and society as a whole, you know very well you're a very experienced therapist. You're an instructor for my institute because you're super skilled at what you do, and you've studied behavior change extensively. Look, you and I know it's hard to get a person just to get sugar out of their diet, but we're talking about having to make changes that are so radical compared to getting sugar out of your diet that it's on a whole dimensional shift of necessity. And so what I'm saying is, being a realist, I think we're going to have to go through a pretty good dose. More of what we've been going through since COVID started with watching farms get burned down, watching egg poultry farms being burnt down, watching the food being poisoned, watching parents being cut off from their children, watching parents lose their rights to the sovereignty of their children, watching people lose the sovereignty of their bodies to become part of the transhumanist bullshit agenda. Turning people into profitable robots that they can tap into electronically and control their thoughts, feelings, emotions, spending habits, desires, where they can go, what they can do. I mean, literally, we're literally being ushered into an electronic prison. And the point I'm making, if it's not crystal clear, is that people are so sleep by design and so slow to wake up to what to people like you and I, is dead obvious. And we saw that with COVID We saw how many people with no thinking at all? And even famous people I won't mention names, just to be polite. But people in the limelight that you never would have thought of would have fallen for that silly of a trick bent over. And next thing you know we're telling people from yogis to spiritual gurus to TV personalities to world leaders the Dalai Lama, for God's sakes, got vaccinated. And that just broke my heart. I mean, I'm like of all people who's got a real strong background in science to use his power and his influence to mislead people to what we now know. What you and I knew from day one is a complete and uttered genocide movement and a complete attempt to control and steal life from human beings and steal their money and steal their resources and break the family down, the society down, the culture down, the nation down. And this is the implementing of essentially fifth generation warfare by what looks to be, at the surface, the Chinese government. But when you go deeper, it's actually the secret military industrial complex DARPA, Google and the people that are often called the Illuminati, which is just a handful of royal families that are hidden in the background pulling the strings on everybody because they really have only self interest at heart. That's the reality. So my point is I've been waiting for people to finally wake up to the fact that they've been lied to, trick and had family members injured badly and killed to start a legitimate revolution and be disciplined enough to starve these corporations out. Whether that mean getting phones like freedom phones that they can't spy on you with. To only going to farmers that are taking care of the land for food and supporting farming, cutting off any of the chemical industries, not buying body care or self care products that are full of toxins and largely the products of the oil industry and poisoning the hell out of people's body. To shutting government down and reestablishing government. To rebuilding the education system, to taking back the banking system and coming up with systems that are much better. And there's people that have the intelligence to do all of this, they just don't have enough people behind them to make the movement. So we're facing a real rite of passage into adulthood. We've been kept by design as subservient children to an elite few who have no morals. And so if we don't make it through and make the sacrifices to take the power out of these people's hands, our future is faded. It's faded and we are going to be pigs in a factory farm. And that's putting it mildly because we have a lot more cerebral cortex, therefore awareness of freedom and possibility and creativity. So the problem is, if you put a human being into a jail cell, it's actually a lot more stressful to them because they know consciously what's happening, where animals are just confused as to why all of a sudden their savannah has shrunk so drastically, and they emotionally react to it, but they don't sit there and ponder what's really going on. But by the time people are locked up into this, like a lot of people are pondering what's really going on now with all the vaccine injuries and all the death and all the lies. But look at what it took them before they even started asking, well, what was in the vaccine? The point in a nutshell is being a realist. I think that the rocky road of initiation into adulthood has just begun. And I think ultimately what's going to happen is going to split society and humanity into two camps. Those that pass the initiation and say, look, if I have to buy a farm, live on my own, and we band together in communities and serve each other, support each other and take responsibility for our own power, our own water, our own food and create our own barter systems, financial systems, legal systems, medical system that's really based on morality. The principles of morality and honesty and virtue. So you're going to have that camp. They're going to be out the outliers. It's kind of like they're creating Hunger Games right in front of us. And so those of us that have the brains to know better will be living out in the comparative wild. And those that stay in cities will be locked in these smart cities, which is so dangerous that I could write 50 books on it. It's a complete abolishment of what it means to be human. It's a complete annihilation of our freedoms. It's something that we need to look at very carefully, because the very people that say they're doing this to save the world and to protect nature and to save humanity are the ones that have destroyed humanity, destroyed nature. Destroyed our food supply, railroaded our education system that thieves our money on a daily basis, the magnitude of the corruption and the fact that what we call government is actually an organized crime ring that is worldwide, that is dangerously successful to the point that they have secret organizations and police like FBI has been taken over from the inside. So we've got a real firewalk ahead of us. I think the beauty of it, though, is it takes an event like this to wake people up enough to realize that we have to come back together. We've gotten so pushed into this individual pursuit of money and fame and power and rank and attention getting, and it's just to such an extreme that it's almost like rays of sunlight that forgot that they're all the children of one son in which there is only one son. And so as they're shooting out into the universe to do their work of creativity, growth, and learning, they begin to battle with each other. Like there's not enough space or something. But if they just followed their own ray of individuality back, it leads to unity. And if we keep going on these individual vectors, we just get farther and farther from each other. But we need each other. No man can do anything or woman alone that's of any significance. Martin Luther King didn't create a movement by himself. Ghani didn't rescue India from the British by himself. Steve Jobs didn't build the iPhone by himself. No one builds rockets by themselves. Cars aren't built by any one person. Nothing that we can do of any significance can be done alone. And we have now got the most significant challenge humans have ever faced. But we've got to stop this egoistic, self oriented, childlike pursuit of self aggrandizement at the expense of life and at the expense of nature and at the expense of each other. And Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci, all the drug manufacturers, all the presidents, all the people in the FDA, with rare exceptions, are complete and utter examples, really, of what evil looks like when it's embodied in a human being. And if we don't get together and get clear on what our responsibility is, which is to starve them out. Starting wars and being violent just puts us on the same footing as them. But getting together and working together to support each other and get clear on what's important together and protect the resources that we have, that's another thing. Bill Gates and these people in the World Economic Forum are selling off the commons. What? What you know, what is common to all of us? There's millions of acres of forests that shouldn't be owned by anybody and they're selling off and entire regions of the world to mining companies and to corporations to do whatever they want with. Even Bill Gates and crew are cataloging everything, even the fish in the ocean, the plants on the surface of the earth. They're trying to actually create a digital catalog of every single living resource on the planet so they can control it and sell it, which means they're turning the whole world into the equivalent of private property with which you cannot enter. Where we used to go to parks to take our kids to have fun will now be closed off. Just like if you were going to walk into somebody else's front yard and start playing volleyball, you'd get kicked out because you're trespassing. So basically they're trying to make the world so owned that we are all trespassing on our own commons and then use that to make trillions of dollars to use to invest in more spy technology to control us more further while making us pay for it all, including the vaccines. I mean, the degree of ignorance, stupidity and sheep herd mentality that it takes to allow something like COVID and successive events right up to now to happen is a measure of how dangerously inept our education system is. And how far down the rabbit hole people have been taken with brainwashing and not thinking constructively and not being productive contributors and being railroaded into spending all their time, energy and resources chasing after stuff that really doesn't have any added value to life. Who cares how cool your car is if you're eating **** food and funding the destruction of the planet? Who cares if you've got leather pants in a fancy house? Well, 50% of the species in nature have died in the last 50 years or less. I mean, when we start looking at what people actually pursue and put their energy into as though it was important versus what's really important, and then look at where that money goes and what it's creating versus what we need to create with our money, this is suicide mission. It's just a suicide mission. And unfortunately the gallows are greased and the blade is sharp.

[32:10] Announcer: Yeah, you're listening to the radical Health Rebel podcast.

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[35:41] Paul Chek: Sorry to deliver such frank news, but I'm an ex elite soldier, and one of the things you can never do when you're facing an enemy is bullshit your fellow soldiers, because that's guaranteed death for everyone. When you're facing an enemy, you have to have 100% clarity and honesty and you have to all be on the same mission and vision with the same values, or you become your own demise. You just kill each other. And so if we don't get clear on what we all need together and what we're willing to do to support it and what sacrifices we're willing to make to protect our sovereignty and our children's future, well then it's simple. You become an electronically controlled piglet who has no more individuality. And if you look at the agenda of the world economic forum and the desire to get rid of God and get rid of concepts like the soul, you're being forced into a level of materialism that I don't think people can even comprehend. I really don't. Literally, you're not even human anymore. You're owned. In fact, look at the fact that if you look at the patent applications and patent documents from the vaccine manufacturers, anyone that took an mRNA vaccine technically does not own themselves anymore because their DNA is now infused with a patented technology. And the patents themselves say that you are now the technology of that corporation. So if you've been vaccinated, you've already actually, without realizing it, given away the right to your own body because you're not human anymore. You're not an individual. You now are augmented by patented technology that's owned by somebody else that's proliferating through your body every second, replicating itself in all your cells and setting you up to be a remote control puppet by five g, six g, and all the **** they've got planned. I mean, it boggles my mind that I even have to be talking about this, because any parent should have taken it upon themselves immediately to investigate any of this. And the history of the vaccines and vaccine manufacturers is like Jack the ripper, right? What are they paying attention to that's more important than what goes into their bodies and their family's bodies? Especially when we've got a history of medical piracy and political piracy and financial piracy and educational piracy. It's almost like the Stockholm syndrome where people get to the point where they actually start to love their captors, and I think that's a very bad place to be.

[38:39] Leigh Brandon: Well, a really good example of that, Paul, was the guy who was minister of health in 2020. He went on a reality TV show over here recently, and all the viewers were just absolutely loving the guy and kept voting for him. And there's serious questions over some of the things that happened under his reign, particularly in the old people's homes. It's believed that there was a drug called Madazalam. They ordered I think it was two or three years worth of that drug that they then used during an eight week period in the spring of 2020 when lots of elderly people died.

[39:26] Paul Chek: Yeah, right.

[39:28] Leigh Brandon: This guy is now some kind of celebrity.

[39:31] Paul Chek: Well, there you go. I mean, look at this. How do we vote Ronald Reagan in as a president, a movie actor who's never done any military time? Then we go. Donald Trump, who is Ronald Reagan, was at least a b actor. Trump was a C grade actor who's been bankrupt multiple times and has a long list of criminal activity, and people think he's the savior. I'm like, I mean, I won't go into all the details of what I've studied and what I've learned, but in a nutshell, he was in cahoots with the drug companies. You start researching 911, you see that was a government false flag operation run by the Bush administration and others. All this stuff you look into SARS, I mean, Leonard Horowitz documents in DNA, pirates of the Sacred spyLe. Who's behind all this and what's been going on? I think, actually it's so shocking most people can't comprehend it because it would be like finding out that your parents never loved you, always wanted to get rid of you, and maybe weren't even your parents to begin with. And to most people, the shock and the pain of that is such that they would rather just pretend it's not true so they don't have to deal with reality honestly. It's the 11 hours, 59, 50 minutes, and 59 seconds for the reality check before the bell rings and the prison gates come down. And I'm not participating. I am full force, as you are, and everyone we know trying to educate people and wake people up, because I have extreme concerns. For what? My children. You know, I have a three year old daughter, a boy who will be seven this month, and a grandson that's two, and my oldest son is 43, and he's got four boys. And any parent right now with even two brain cells holding hands must take the time to connect the dots and say, what are we bringing our children into? We're bringing our children into a completely toxic, completely corrupt, dying planet with problems so big that none of these children has a fighting chance in hell because they are far more knowledgeable about Game Boy than they are about the mechanics of the soil and how life works. They're so completely detached from the reality of biological life that if Novel Harare gets his way, they're all going to or Ray Kurzweil, they're all going to fall into the trap of thinking their soul can be uploaded to a cloud somewhere and that they can live, multidimensionally, and be free, which is just absolute silliness. I mean, it's just you know, you don't even want to start me on destroying that idea.

[42:47] Leigh Brandon: Paul, you mentioned earlier the word brainwashing. Now, as someone that served in the US military, you were trained in brainwashing techniques with them.

[42:58] Paul Chek: Not any of them. Yeah, with them.

[43:00] Leigh Brandon: And it's something that you cover in your PPS lesson 2, as well, isn't it? To a degree, yeah. Can you explain your understanding of brainwashing and perhaps how that relates to what's happened in the last three years?

[43:14] Paul Chek: Well, there's many books that document the steps. The first stage is destroying a person's identity, whether it be an individual, a family, a group, a society, a culture. So the first thing you have to do is destroy their identity. That's what the masking was. As you know, it was a destroying of identity. And it's a technique that was used in Germany in the Second World War. It's been used in many countries. If you look at the documentary or the book called The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, I believe it is, the documentary shows you exactly how they've been doing this over and over again using the same model. So first you break down the identity. You keep them in a constant state of fear and threat, and then you reward for conforming. And then you work on creating a new identity that is in a direct parallel with what you want to use these people for. So if you're a cult leader and you want to use them to assassinate people, then that's what you build them up to do and to believe is absolutely essential. So there's a series of steps that all were played out in. Coven are still being used right now. But in a nutshell, at first destroy their identity. Create so much stress and fear that the only way you can get a sense of relief or safety is by following the dictates of your captor, then succumbing to the creation of a new identity, even if it means you've got to kill your own family to maintain that identity and that's part of the brainwashing. I mean, forever. We were singing songs when I was a paratrooper that had things like kill akami for mommy, and to celebrate your victory, you'll make a necklace of their teeth. I could sing all these songs that we used to sing in marching, but it's constantly droning in and driving in deeper and deeper into your nervous system and your emotions that you must eliminate these people. And the paradox is we don't know anything about these people. That's why I got out of the military. I refuse to kill people without knowing the truth of why I was killing them. I can't trust that the government is honest. The more I investigated this, the more I realized how corrupt it was, and the more I realized that as a paratrooper, I was actually just the sharp edge of a sword to steal resources from people, whether it be oil, whether it be minerals. This is going on all the time. And so brainwashing is really a means by which you either force or coerce people into changing their identity into one that is controllable and conforms to an agenda that is not your own.

[46:25] Leigh Brandon: Isn't another thing repetition of a message from an authority figure? Isn't that also a tactic of brainwashing?

[46:33] Paul Chek: Yes, it's a constant message. There's a very strong rank and hierarchy system in it. There's punishments for jumping rank in the military. If I have a question, I have to go to the person that's one rank above me. But if I go to someone two ranks above me and ask that question, it's considered inappropriate behavior. It's punishable. And because the message gets filtered down on a need to know basis, because they know that the more you know, the more likely you are to wake up to the fact that you're doing something immoral, unethical or illegal and won't do it. So what they do is, you know, not even the president has a clue what's going on most of the time, especially with regard to secret space programs and secret military programs. Especially. Biden has no memory anyhow.

[47:34] Leigh Brandon: He doesn't know how to do his shoelaces up.

[47:37] Paul Chek: Right. Yeah. So the hierarchy of control is really a protective means by which nobody can get the truth, so that they can never really evaluate if what they're doing is moral or ethical.

[47:53] Leigh Brandon: So you were saying they destroy the identity. Would you say that also preventing people from going to work to a degree, broke down their identity?

[48:04] Paul Chek: Of course it did. It it not only broke down their identity, it put them in tremendous fear and stress. I mean, imagine, you know, having a $5,000 a month mortgage, couple of kids, three kids, two cars. You got bills to pay, right? And there's a cost of living. And all of a sudden you're down to what? Peanuts from the government, which is what they're trying to do. Really, what they're trying to implement is the equivalent of a socialist or a communist agenda. And people that I know that came from socialist Germany, like Andreas Wecker, who I interviewed on my podcast, describes seeing what's going on over here is exactly what went on in Germany Behind the behind the Wall and warned that Americans are dangerously asleep. You got Vera Shirov on Children's Health Defense who just released her documentary series and lived through the Holocaust. We've got Holocaust survivors that are saying, this is not new. I've seen this before. So anyhow, I forgot where we were going there, but that's what's going on.

[49:17] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. And the other thing I guess we saw in 2020 was on the mainstream news every evening telling us how many people had died. And it was just constant. So you got the fear factor and the repetition. So you're putting people into a state of fear that, well, if they don't do what they're told, they're going to die or they're going to kill someone else if they don't do it.

[49:40] Paul Chek: Yeah, and the thing, too, is then you have all the censorship, because the truth is a very dangerous thing for anyone to get a hold of when they're fighting an enemy that doesn't want you to have the truth. So the greater the degree of censorship, you know, the more coercion there is involved. I mean, honestly, forgive me if you're listening to this, and you did get the vaccine, it's not my intention to hurt anybody, but I must say, who in their right mind would let someone vaccinate them with a vaccine? That when you open the box to see what the ingredients and what the side effects are, is completely blank, right? I mean, people do more research to buy a toaster oven than they do to vaccinate their children. And that just goes to show you how completely confused people are about a the realities of the world we live in and the corporate influences and the criminal influences and B, how confused they are about the reality of the efficacy of most drugs and medicines and how confused they are about their responsibility to protect life and their own life and their children's life. I mean, a good example is when I was in the hospital with Angie and she was giving birth to Mona, among the constant pestering of us because we would refuse to get Mona vaccinated and Zoe because we know too much. One of the nurses was heavily trying to sell me on signing off to give Mona a shot of vitamin K. And so I said, well, what's the vitamin K for? What's the necessity of that? She says, Though it makes the blood coagulate because infants blood doesn't coagulate for X number of weeks or months, and they could bleed to death. I said, Well, I got a question for you. How do we evolve for millions and years of years in nature without any vitamin K? And she had no answer. I said, Second of all, is it a natural or a synthetic product? She said, I think it's synthetic. I said, what are the side effects of it? She said, I don't know. I said, Bring me the insert from the box. You know what the first symptom was of side effects?

[52:18] Leigh Brandon: If I had to guess, I'd say death.

[52:20] Paul Chek: Liver failure.

[52:22] Leigh Brandon: Right!

[52:22] Paul Chek: That's the first symptom, yeah. I said, okay, look, and there's a list of symptoms, all of which could kill my child. I said, you're sitting here as a health professional trying to encourage me to risk my child's life on a synthetic drug that we never have needed in the history of human beings when I have a healthy man with a healthy wife and a healthy family. I said, this is absolute criminal. Right. And I was very frank with her about how disappointed I was that she didn't take more of a moral and ethical responsibility to the people she's a nurse for. And I also had these kinds of conversations about vaccines because they couldn't tell me anything about the vaccines except that I just had to do it. I'm like, what is with you people? You've got degrees in medicine, but you don't know how to practice medicine. Well, the punchline is, the day we were going to leave, two people showed up in suits like government agent types, demanded that I leave the room. It was the Child Health Protective Services. The hospital administrator had gotten wind of me, and Angie's viewpoints turned us into Child Protective Services. And they came to interview Angie to determine if we were fit to be parents. And we're considering taking our children from us and putting them in social service. Our child at that time, we just had mana, and they were also trying to see if I was abusing Angie and forcing her to make these decisions without her consent. And she said, no, absolutely not. I've got a degree in nutrition and blah, blah, blah. Told them her qualifications, said, we own a health institute, we research this for a living, we know exactly what we're talking about, and there's a reason we're protecting our child from you. So they ended up not taking our child away and letting us leave, but not without a big, long, drawn out interview process where essentially we were being treated like criminals and child abusers.

[54:35] Leigh Brandon: My next question is quite a long one, so I need to set this one up for you. Go ahead. Over the last three years, we've seen the biggest valve of deception in our lifetimes, possibly the biggest humanity has ever seen. In the book Psychology of Totalitarianism, belgian psychologist Matthias Desmett presents the theory of mass formation, or what others call mass psychosis.

[54:58] Paul Chek: Yes.

[54:59] Leigh Brandon: He suggests that the majority of people who were deceived by the propaganda are disconnected from their natural and social environment, feel lonely and have a lack of purpose and meaning in life, and suffer anxiety of an unknown cause. Once the narrative was rolled out in 2020, it gave these people a reason to feel anxious, such as dying from the virus, and it gave them a sense of purpose and a strategy to deal with the anxiety, such as the social distancing, the wearing of mask, et cetera, whether it made sense or not. So Desmet suggests that by taking part in the solution, such as the social distance in the masking and taking experimental injections, makes them feel connected again and no longer lonely. What do you think of Desmet's theory of mass formation? And what are your own thoughts on why so many people were not only deceived, but are still unable to accept what they see with their own eyes today, such as the serious harms and deaths caused by the experimental injections?

[56:03] Paul Chek: Because they're in a trance. The brainwashing has been effective, and it's on twenty four seven, and they're using technology that very few people are aware of. And I've been warning people of this for a long time. If you study quantum physics and information technology light has an almost infinite capacity to carry information. You may or may not remember, but many years ago they banned subliminal marketing in movies and on television. But they didn't stop it. They just got better at it. So now what they're doing is coding messages that act on your psyche. So you think you're just watching a movie or a cartoon or anything on social media. But what you don't know is encoded in that light is all sorts of instructions to make you afraid or to give you the urge to buy or the urge to succumb, et cetera. I mean, this is extremely advanced technology. Then you have scalar wave technologies. Scalar wave technologies are nonlocal technologies. Scalar waves are called non Hertze and electromagnetic waves. A Hertze and electromagnetic wave is what you plug your phone or your vacuum into in the wall. It's anything that moves below, at or below the speed of light. Non Hertze and waves are the background of what would be called the zero-point field or the quantum vacuum, which is the energetic substrate or the matrix upon which hertzian waves emerge. So the bubbling up of energy in the quantum field produces subatomic particles, material formation, light, stars, planets, galaxies, et cetera. But beneath it is a much, much vaster, much radically more powerful, literally infinite power. And that is the nonlocal grid. So that would be called the Akashic field. In the terms of Urban Laszlo, that's used for military technology. That's what Tesla was using to transfer electricity wirelessly for free because there's almost no energy loss in the scalar field. The point is, you have many corporations, and this is not even secret using scalar wave technologies that broadcast information fields that affect your psyche that can be broadcast all over the world. And just like you can turn on a radio anywhere, pretty much, and pick up a signal, they're actually using these information fields to work on your unconscious to make you afraid of or to believe in or not believe in. And interestingly, this is a little bit left field for a lot of people, but I'll share it with you because it's true. You know, I'm a remote viewer. I asked my soul to show me who's behind this and what's really going on. So I went into my remote viewing process and all of a sudden I found myself in what looked like a foreign country because there was guards all over the place with brown skin, maybe Latin or Brazilian, possibly. It was hard for me to tell what country I was in. But they were heavily armed with machine guns and there was this manhole, and it was like I was in the middle of the forest. But all of a sudden there was this manhole, and it was about two or three times the size of a normal manhole, maybe three or 4ft across. And so my soul took me down into the manhole. And it was an underground complex of massive proportion. There was tramways in it. Just like the military has underground ammunition complexes, an underground city, administrative, the whole US government has an underground underneath the city of Denver, Colorado is a massive military industrial complex. While it was in this underground complex and it just went for miles, I mean, there was things, but what I saw was massive computer systems inside rooms that were all under heavy guard and they were broadcasting scalar information fields from there and programming people to behave the way they wanted them to behave. And so that was extremely irritating to me because this is secret advanced technology that's actually technically illegal, immoral and just it's basically stealing people's minds, it's pirating people's minds. And so naturally, that disturbed me deeply. Now, these technologies have been being used for a long time and they're being used on you and me. The difference is people like you and I have a dream bigger than our crisis. So we have something to live for. We have values, we have an inner compass. So it's very, very hard to use a technology like Scalar Wave or light technologies to get a guy like Leigh Brandon or Paul Czech to go buy junk food and get vaccinated because our compass is oriented towards its North Star. And in order to keep that compass going towards its North Star, it means you got to eat this way or you're not going to arrive. You got to get enough sleep or you're not going to arrive. You got to breathe, you got to move. You got to think for yourself. You got to make sure you got your priorities in line. You got to know what you're doing with your finances because those are all the ingredients of a life of freedom and happiness and one that you earn through your own intelligent use of self. So when people don't have a dream orientation, a real goal or objective or a sense of how to grow themselves into something that's meaningful to them, what do they want to become? They become like a radio that's not tuned to a station and just picks up anything floating in the airways. And so they're like a leaf that blows in any direction, right? If you take the rudder off a sailing boat, you can't control where it goes. But if you put the rudder on and you say, I'm the captain of this ship, then all these brainwashing technologies just become crosswinds, but you just pack against them to arrive at your destination. So we've got billions of rudderless people out there who all of a sudden are being blown by the winds of subliminal technologies and advanced Psyops, and the next thing you know, they arrive at the wrong port, getting vaccinated, eating junk food, doing stupid ****, and they don't even really know why they're doing it. A good example of this is after the second world war was over, in a few years it went by. They started interviewing people that were in the German military and had been involved in tremendous atrocities against the Jews and everybody else. And many of them said things like, I don't know why I did that. I didn't realize at the time what I was doing or what was happening, or I thought I was doing what was right, and that's called mass mind formation. So they were pulled into their unconscious and acted as an automaton. And only after they had had time to disconnect and get out of the cult and awaken from the trance did they have to face themselves in the mirror and look at what they had done to their fellow human beings. And it lands like a lightning bolt. That's tarot 16 in tarot. That's the lightning bolt blowing the top of the tower off with people flying out of it. It means you're destroying yourself. So.

[01:04:25] Announcer: You’re listening to the Radical Health Rebel podcast.

[01:04:30] Leigh Brandon: Just a brief interruption to this podcast to talk about adult acne. Now, did you know that 40% to 54% of men and women older than 25 years will have some degree of facial acne? And that clinical facial acne persists into middle age in 12% of women and 3% of men? I know only too well the devastating effects that acne can have on your confidence and your self esteem and how it can easily destroy your social life, your career, and your relationships. I know this only too well because I suffered from severe cystic acne from age 13 to 31 over an 18 year period. I visited my doctor on many occasions, and his only suggestions were acne creams, harsh cleansers, and antibiotics that weren't working and were actually making my skin worse. After 18 years of struggle and thousands of pounds invested in treatments that didn't work, through my professional education, I began to learn that what my doctor had told me was untrue and that diet was directly related to acne, plus other factors such as food sensitivities, toxicity, hormones, and balancing the body's microbiome. Putting what I had learned into practice, I managed to rid myself of acne over 20 years ago and have been helping others to do the same for well over a decade. By teaching people what foods calls acne, what food sensitivities each individual has, how to optimize their detox pathways, how to reduce environmental stresses and toxins, and how to balance hormones, especially those related to the mTOR pathway, a major causal factor with acne. I've been able to help many other adults overcome their acne nightmare, too. So if you would like more information on how to overcome your adult acne, please go to www.skinwebinar.com. That's www.skinwebinar.com, where you can also request an acne breakthrough. Call with me to see if you are suitable for my eliminate adult acne coaching program where you can once and for all learn how to overcome your adult acne. Now back to the podcast.

[01:06:45] Paul Chek: Really? This is the reason? You've probably heard me on many podcasts say, look, if you don't know what you want to do with your own life, let me tell you. What we all need to have is our dream. We all need earth. We need to protect the planet. We have to take care of the Earth. We got to stop poisoning. It feeds us. How many brain cells do you need working together to say, why would I want to eat food that's been sprayed by people that have to wear hazmat suits to walk in those fields, and then I'm just going to feed it to my kids and me? That's how down the rabbit hole people are, right? If you walked up to them with a bottle of Raid and said, spray this in your mouth, most people would say, no, that's bug poison. It's going to kill you. But then you watch them doing it on television and in movies and on social media and you go right to the store and buy it and eat it like it's nothing. There you see the level of cognitive disconnect from reality. Okay, we've got to protect the water. Our bodies are 99.99% water by molecular count, and we've poisoned all the water, with rare exceptions, on this entire planet. With all these chemicals and radiation and everything else, we've got to protect the air we breathe. 25,900 breaths a day on average, and we're breathing each other, right? What you breathed out yesterday is probably in my lungs today by some count of atoms because of the jet stream we all have to breathe. We've got to protect the biosphere because it makes oxygen. We're killing the microflora of the ocean. We're killing all the plankton. We're killing the oxygen producing capacity of the ocean. We're killing the trees off. We're almost out of trees. So if you're not clear on what your dream is, it should be what we all need together. Because none of us has a chance to live very many years at all, nor our children. If we don't have a dream board, I call the earth the dream board. We've got to get together collectively and make it illegal to use any technologies or any chemicals or anything that damages the infrastructure of nature upon which we live. And we've got to get over this idea that human beings control nature and they're superior. Because let me tell you something. There's about 10 billion microorganisms in a gram of organic soil, a thimble full. And though you cannot see them, they make your vitamins. They actually produce almost every hormone in the human body. They are what give you nutrition. They are what allow your cells to divide and reproduce and keep your DNA capable of reproducing itself authentically. They create the grand majority of the hormones and. The chemicals in your body that produce your sense of emotional stability or instability if you're not healthy. So when you look at the fact that we are a living, walking expression of the earth, water, the fire and the air of the planet, yet we have destroyed all of it. We're destroying the atmosphere, we're destroying the ozone layer. So the fire element from the sun, if we're not careful, it can dry the whole planet out. So if we don't get together and say, okay, no matter what color you are, no matter what religion you are, no matter what belief system you are, we've got to team together and remove any corporation or group of people from the ability to damage the infrastructure of life, because nothing else matters without that. I don't care what it is. You're not going to be a professional baseball player, a professional football player. You're not going to get to be a parent. You're not going to get to see your kids grow old. You're not going to get to make your million that you've been after for your whole life. You're not going to get to see your children's birthdays. You're not going to get to see springtime come. You're not going to get to see the flowers. You are only going to get to see death. That's what you're going to get to see. So we've got a choice. Dream big together and protect what's essential to life for all living things or die together. Dream big or die big. That's where we're at.

[01:11:19] Leigh Brandon: Just going back to the original question of Mass Formation. One of the things that I was looking through the other day from your work was looking at the stages of individuation and looking at how they correlate to what's been going on and how people at certain stages were obviously were deceived, and other people at, let's call it higher stages were not deceived. Could you explain that a little bit?

[01:11:48] Paul Chek: Yes. What are you referring to specifically? I'm trying to remember what you're talking about.

[01:11:53] Leigh Brandon: Like the binding stage, and then you've got the centering stage and the unbinding stage.

[01:11:56] Paul Chek: Oh, yes. Okay, so Arthur Young's model.

[01:11:58] Leigh Brandon: Yes.

[01:12:00] Paul Chek: Okay, so what do you want me to explain about the model?

[01:12:06] Leigh Brandon: Obviously, people in the binding stage, they're.

[01:12:09] Paul Chek: Still yeah, that's what happens when you come into a body. First you lose freedom. The soul goes from an expanded nonlocal state to a local state and a body. Then parental programming and social programming is the binding stage.

[01:12:26] Leigh Brandon: Is that not the stage that most people are in that have fallen for the propaganda?

[01:12:32] Paul Chek: Yes, that's the childhood stage of development. That's followed by the centering stage, which should begin at puberty when you begin to reject your parents ideas and try to identify who you are as an individual. So you have loss of freedom, binding centering. Then you go to the choice stage. The choice stage says, well, I'm getting tired of being this person I made myself out to be. And my relationships are often painful. I don't have the money I want or I'm having problems with trying to protect my money. All the complications that make life very technical. So when you get to the choice stage, the egos reach peak complexity, maximum number of relationships, maximum amount of energy, moving, finances, responsibilities. Life gets to be full on, right? So once you go through the choice stage, you have the choice. Choice is like a midlife crisis stage where you realize, I can't keep doing this because I'm just not sustainable. Then you go to decentering, right? If you take a plant medicine like magic mushrooms or LSD or Ayahuasca, you get a chemically induced decentering, it dissolves the ego. And that brings you back into what's called a magical state of consciousness, where you all of a sudden feel the plants and the trees breathing and even the stones are alive. And everything's part of one system. So the the structure of individuation is first you have to build an ego to identify yourself and become an individual contributor to the world. And then you have to dissolve the ego in order to realize that you're actually part of a living system called the self, and that everything that supports you cannot be separated from you. The water that's in your body came from nature. The air that you're breathing came from nature. The food that you're eating came from outside of you. And you're replacing every cell in your body about every 365 days, according to current research. So you're actually more like a fountain that's constantly moving. But what looks like Leigh is actually the reproduction of the soul's idea of itself. So at the level of decentering, you come to the realization that the illusion of oneself is an illusion and that the reason it's so stressful to maintain the ego's identity is because it always creates division between self and other. I'm rich, you're poor. I have, you don't have. I'm white, you're black. That basically stops you from ever realizing the truth of yourself. And it creates a spiritual black hole in a person's heart. And that's what the dark night of the soul is. If you don't awaken yourself to the truth of life, love and relationships, then you go deeper into the black hole of individuation, which is isolation, which is separation, which is exactly the mechanism of evil. Evil always thinks only of itself, not of anyone else. And it accumulates and accumulates and accumulates. But the problem is that the people that work together to do evil also want to steal from each other. So it's a self imploding process that can only go so far because the further you go into evil and isolation, the more alone you get. And the human being, no matter how evil, is a social creature. So you basically take yourself into a dead end situation and that's a dark night of the soul, where you lose touch with even the concept of God and love, and it really can destroy a person. It can be very damaging to a soul. It's too much to explain the ramifications of that in a few minutes, and it's too deep for most people anyhow. But that's the structure, and it goes further from there, but hardly anybody is going to get beyond that. So what did you want me to.

[01:16:42] Leigh Brandon: Explain other than that? I guess what I've seen with my own eyes is that regardless of someone's age, the people that have been deceived, shall we say, have been those that have been stuck in the binding stage.

[01:16:58] Paul Chek: Yes, totally. So the binding stage really is the indoctrination process. It's the enculturation process. First, don't pee in the middle of the street, don't walk around naked in the street. So it's what does it take to be acceptable in a cultural mile? And that's when the shadow begins. Because as soon as you start enculturating people, you have to repress their instinctual behaviors, their natural desire to play with their genitals or to dance naked in the rain, all the things that kids want to do but parents keep telling them not to do. Those urges are natural. They're driven by the instincts of nature. Okay? So when we start repressing that, then that urge for sexual gratification gets repressed, but it doesn't go away. So the only thing you can do with it is figure out, well, it's okay if I work myself to death. You see, I'm allowed to go to work, I can study myself to death, I can work myself to death, and I can even drink myself to death. That's socially acceptable because someone's making money off of it, right? So you have to take all these things they repress in you and express them in ways that are socially acceptable because they're profitable to a key group of people, the medical doctors, the drug manufacturers, the alcohol manufacturers, the cigarette manufacturers, et cetera, right? So it's set up so that they create a pathology and profit off it. So then once you go past that, then when you start going to school or religion and schools are the two main binding systems. So you get bound by a set of beliefs and religion. You get bound by a set of beliefs in school, which includes science and all the basic life skills, most of which have been proven to be wrong. They haven't done us any good. And so then what happens is you become a good student, you get A's in school, you climb the ladder of the corporation, and you find yourself successful but empty, successful and depressed, famous but wanting to hide. Happy when you're on drugs, but sick when you get off the drugs. Deluded but thought by others to be successful. And so that leads you to the crisis that becomes a necessary crisis. Because that's the quest to crack the egg of conditioning, to develop your own relationship with God, to do your own investigations, to see what's true, to think for yourself and not to find people that fit the parental programming and social program, but find people that share the same mission, vision and values that you do. Like the ones we've got to find right now to save this planet and all life on it. And so for most people, that's a very daunting thing. Because if you haven't achieved individuality in Yung's concept, if you have not become whole unto yourself as an individual, then to the degree that you let go of the social construct of religion, of politics, of beliefs in certain things by the education system, such as the speed of light is fixed, gravity can't be overcome. All these things that we just take for granted, then you're not going to be strong enough to stand on your own. Like, look how many people bowed down and got vaccinated. I mean, Jordan Peterson said he got vaccinated because of pressure from his family, but that's not how you make a decision like that. As much as I love Jordan Peterson, I was a complete and other abortion of his responsibility as a social leader. And there's many others that did the same thing. So you see, if you're not strong enough to stand on your own, even with social and political criticism or censorship or isolation, I mean, look, many people have been excommunicated. If you study the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who was a Jewish philosopher, who was Einstein's favorite philosopher for his teachings on God, he got excommunicated by the Jews. So they pushed him out of society. Why? Because he was telling the truth. And it wasn't profitable for people to know the truth, so they got excommunicated him. Many mystics have been killed. Too many hundreds of mystics have been killed. I'm trying to remember one of my favorite ones names right now. But anyhow, the point being is it's an act of real valor and courage to depart from the herd. Because our social construct and our nervous system is built to think of safety in numbers. That's why we get together. Nobody can really effectively survive in nature by themselves. It's too rough out there. So you need people that have specialties. You need someone that's a good hunter. You need people that are warriors. You need people that know how to deal with animals. You need people that know how to deal with plants, farm, hunt and gather. You need people that know how to process food. You need people that know what to do when people get injured. So we always found that we had to break into these specializations and work together to protect each other. So when we're conditioned to be in a society or a conglomeration of people and we believe that's safe, but all of a sudden we realize it's those people that are actually the ones that are caught in the very belief system that's now destroying our sense of connection to our soul and our passion to live. If we're not ready to stand on our own 2ft then we don't have the strength to become a spiritual adult and lead people into authentic freedom, and we fall right back into the hands of our captors, which we often think of as our friends and family, unfortunately, and our educators. So it takes a lot of moral courage and spiritual courage to stand up to people who often are the people you love the most your mother, your dad, or your brother and sister. Look what COVID did. It destroyed families because people that were awake, really awake, said, don't take that vaccine. It's a trick. Everybody else fell right for it. And so there was tremendous battles and families, including my own, my God. And and unfortunately, I don't I don't know of anyone yet that took the vaccine that hasn't regretted it on some level.

[01:23:55] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. Well, I've got one more question for you, Paul.

[01:23:59] Paul Chek: All right.

[01:24:01] Leigh Brandon: So one of the things that I've seen over the last two years well, three years, but even more so the last two years, you've almost got two groups of people. There's one group of people that are trying to expose the truth. They're trying to share the truth. And you've got another group of people that are just completely oblivious to the truth and have no interest in it. They just want to keep believing what they currently believe or the people in the binding stage. What can we do as individuals to help those people that are kind of let's call it stuck?

[01:24:39] Paul Chek: Well, a couple of things. One, live by example so they see what health and freedom looks like. Two, don't force them to change. Just let them know to be aware that they have a choice by bringing awareness to the fact that they have a choice and telling them that they don't have to change, but they should look at the choice so that they know they do have freedom. Then they start becoming aware and recognizing in their mind that there are options available to them. Three, help them identify what their dream is and what values will support the experience of creating and living the dream. And then help them see whether or not the way they're currently living is dream. Affirmative. You can't live the dream if you got a serious vaccine injury or you're dead. You can't live your dream if you're eating poison. So, as I've always taught Chek professionals, first you got to identify the dream that's bigger than the crisis. If you can't find a dream, you got to identify the nightmare that is entangling most of your life force, energy and leaving you in pain. So once you create awareness, you recognize you have the power to choose, but you don't have to choose. And then you recognize what it is that you really want in your life and you establish values to create it. Now you have an inner compass that shows you how to choose and lets you have meaning, so that each choice connects to the dream and is meaning making for you. But the people that don't have an individual dream are just acting out the social herd and they don't have a compass. They're just following the *** in front of them like sheep, looking at each other's *****, not knowing where they're going. So there's no individuality in that. And the only one that has a dream is the shepherd leading them. And that's the World Economic Forum is leading these people right off a cliff. And that's how they used to hunt bison and big animals, is they would herd them off a cliffs and the animals were so scared they would run right off the cliff and die. They didn't have to use spears, they just go to the bottom of the cliff, slaughter them and eat them. So you either have to decide if you don't have a compass, then you'll run off a cliff with everybody else, because that's the only way you feel safe is doing what everybody else is doing, even when it's killing you. But if you got a compass and you say, wait a minute, we're being herded in that direction and that goes straight to a cliff, but I need to be over there, then you just change direction. That's why most great thinkers have always said, whatever direction the herd is going, go in the opposite direction. If you want to be safe, always go turn the other way.

[01:27:35] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, I guess my concern is that we kind of know what's coming. We've got the digital ID and the central bank of digital currency and the social credit system. And I guess my concern is that there's just going to be enough people that go along with it, which will mean that that is successful. So I guess my question is, how do we stop those people just going along with it?

[01:28:03] Paul Chek: Pray a lot and do your best to do podcasts. As I've said on many podcasts, the best thing you can do right now is do what you love to do and be passionate about. So if you love to sing the truth, then sing the truth about what's going on. If you love to dance the truth, dance it. If you love to paint the truth, paint it. If you love to write it, write it. If you want to make it into murals and quilts, then put it on everybody's bed. If you want to make T shirts, put it on T shirts. But it's really a choice. Those of us that are awake either get pushed into the fringes of society where we've got to live outside the digital system and figure out how to survive, or we wake people enough that they don't accept the tyranny and we have to inspire them to become warriors for Longevity, Health, Freedom, Sovereignty, Love, and the Children's Future. So really it boils down to education more than it is anything else. The devil you know is always better than the devil you don't know. The problem is the people who are trying to wake up don't know who the devil is. They actually think the devil is their savior. That's why they ran to the hospitals to get vaccinated. They thought they were being saved. But as you know, nobody's ever seen this virus. It's an illusion, right? So you just create a devil that nobody knows and you don't know where the enemy is. So the enemy becomes everywhere. It's a very quaint little trick that they've done. It's been done for years. That's what propaganda is all about. I mean, they've been doing it for as long as war has been around. If you look at the Art of War, I think it's Sun Sioux. Right? In The Art of War, it says the best way to win a war is not to be in a war, but to think, to make the enemy think it's under attack. Keep them so afraid that they're on the retreat, and then you take them over from the inside out. And that's exactly what's going on. They're basically taking us over from inside of our own minds and our own homes and our own hospitals and our own schools. And this is a very well thought out. These people have a long term strategy, right? That's why it's Agenda 2030, not Agenda 2024. Because if you do it that quick, you'll wake people up, you produce enough pain, wakes people up, you see? So if you produce too much pain too quick, pain is like a consciousness quickenerThat’ll. And all of a sudden people say, I'm not going to let this happen anymore. So you inflict just enough pain to move them in the right direction, but not enough pain to wake them up. Well, right now there should be enough pain to wake people up. I mean, how much do you need to see from Australia, Germany, Austria, China, Australia, Canada I mean, like these people are showing us, they're already a year or two ahead in the agenda because they fell for it. They let it happen. And they were stupid enough in some of these countries to give their guns up. I mean, that's the first no, no. Every country that's ever given their guns up had genocide and millions of people got killed by the very people that took their guns. So it's not that you need to use the gun. It means you have to have the power to use it so that your enemy knows that there's a price for messing with you. So as soon as you give up your right to firearms, you basically have no recourse. Because now there's no cost for the enemy to just come collect you like sheep, put you in a cattle truck and take you to slaughter. So in a nutshell, we've got to wake people up by educating them. But it's tricky because people are brainwashed into defending the meme structure. So the secret is not to go against it. The secret is to figure out how to work with it and say, okay, how about we work on creating safe vaccines first? And what is a safe vaccine? So you see, you don't get rid of the idea of the vaccine. You use the same idea, but you dress it up in the truth. And we all agree, would you want to take a vaccine that was going to kill you? Even stupid people would say no. Okay, so then why don't we work together on creating safe vaccines? Because to create safe vaccines, you have to have real science, real research standards, real checks and balances, and organizations to protect against the falsification of science. You have to have morality and you have to have materials that are not toxic to the human body. And so I'm just using this as an example to say you don't attack the belief. You use the belief as a doorway in to wake people up. Because when they look at what it takes to make a safe vaccine, they'll realize that none of it was done for the vaccines they've been taking. And that's why so many people are sick and dying and they'll say, oh, God, to do that, we have to have real science, but we don't have it. To do that, we have to have morals and ethics. We don't have that. To do that, we've got to get rid of the criminals in the medical system and in science. We don't have that. To do that, we have to have ethical and moral marketing and we have to have proper education, not false education. So you can go right through the door of their own addiction and their own delusion and use that to show them politely that they've put themselves in the world at harm and that there is a better way to do it. And the very things you got to do to make a safe vaccine are the things you got to do to make everything safe.

[01:33:38] Leigh Brandon: One of the things I often hear people say to me when I suggest to them, what is going to happen? That a common response I get is, well, that will never happen. And I say, well, how is it not going to happen? Because a lot of the things have already happened, but no one stopped it.

[01:33:58] Paul Chek: People say that before every world war.

[01:34:01] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, well, I'm sure the Jews were saying that in Germany in the 1930s.

[01:34:08] Paul Chek: Mothers and fathers say that when they're pregnant too, our kid will never have a malformation or a hole in its heart or whatever. So they keep eating their donuts and doing their drugs, and the next thing you know, they got a stillborn or a crippled child or a retarded child or brain dead child, whatever. That’ll never happen are the words of sleeping people.

[01:34:38] Leigh Brandon: Yeah, it's sad. Paul, I know you're strapped for time.

[01:34:44] Paul Chek: Yeah.

[01:34:45] Leigh Brandon: What's next for you?

[01:34:46] Paul Chek: Paul just getting my new Spirit Gym book series and my new membership website launched. So it's a huge project. It's a four volume set. It's going to be about 1500 pages in total. I'm about 1250 pages in and as soon as I finish the chapter I'm writing, we're going to then go back to final edits to put the first volume together, get it into layout, in, depress and out, hopefully in the next couple of months if things go to plan. And then launching my website, which is a membership program teaching the ten essential principles of spiritual development, which is awakening. So I can take my very best shot at waking people up to how to use their minds and do everything we've been talking about as my best attempt to contribute to helping people have the tools to realize what it means to be alive and what it means to be free and how to do it in ways that are good for everybody, not just one person.

[01:35:55] Leigh Brandon: And just to let the audience know, you've kindly offered a 10% discount on the Holistic Lifestyle coaching level, one online course, your how to Move and Be Healthy book, the Last Four Doctors You'll Ever Need ebook and the Last Four Doctors audio companions. So to get the 10% discount, if you go to shop.Chekinstitute.Com/discount/radical10, then you can get your discount. I'll put all the details in the show notes. Paul, thank you so much yet again for taking your time out and sharing your wisdom with the Radical Health Rebel listeners and viewers.

[01:36:34] Paul Chek: My pleasure. Thank you. And thanks for doing your part to do the best you can do to make the world a better place every day. This is an example of exactly what we all need to do and so I'm grateful that you're putting time, energy, money and effort into it. So good job.

[01:36:50] Leigh Brandon: Yeah. I would say the same as what I've heard a number of other people say. I couldn't not do it.

[01:36:56] Paul Chek: Yeah. Amen. I'd rather die than not do it. You're going to die anyhow. You might as well die in alignment with your own heart.

[01:37:02] Leigh Brandon: Absolutely. And to all the Radical Health Rebel tribe, if you know someone who would benefit from watching or hearing this episode, please make sure to share the love and forward it on to them. After all, the mission of this show is to help people lead a more fun filled, healthy, productive, fulfilling and happy life. And if you appreciate my amazing guests like Paul Chek and the wisdom they share with you each week and you'd like to show your appreciation by supporting the podcast, you can become a subscriber to the brand new Radical Health Rebel podcast - Plus, starting at just $3 a month or you can check out a 7-day free trial at our Patreon channel @ patreon.com/radicalhealthrebel, where you'll have access to lots of exclusive premium content and exclusive discount offers, all for free for the first seven days. Full details can be found in the show notes. So that's all from Paul and me for this week, but don't forget, you can join me same time, same place, next week on the Radical Health Rebel podcast.

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